“Bet on yourself” – Austin Theory looks swole in latest photo


WWE Superstar Austin Theory post bulking photos on Twitter 

Austin Theory is one of the most popular and hot names in the WWE industry. His taking selfie gimmick has been quite a hit among the fans. 

Theory recently took to Twitter and posted a picture of his bulking. He looked utterly swole in the photo and pumped as well.

Bet on yourself

Austin has been a go-to man for Vince McMahon and recently was a part of the WWE Elimination Chamber among some of the industry’s greats, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Matt Riddle, Brock Lesnar, and Bobby Lashley. 

After the Chambers, he took to Twitter and shared images from inside the Chambers, with his typical selfies with all the other superstars.

“What the world’s been waiting on



Austin Theory is a star for the future 

Theory made his WWE debut in 2019 and quickly rose through the ranks of their developmental systems and even the NXT. He was brought to the main roster during COVID-19 in 2020, where he competed for the Raw Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 36. 

Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory
Austin Theory (R) helped Johnny Gargano on WarGames (WWE)

He returned to NXT again, where he made a stable with Johnny Gargano before being again called to the main roster in 2021. But what came as a turning point in his career was when he was roped into several storylines with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon from Survivor Series. He was then given a gimmick of taking selfies.

McMahon has been supporting Theory for a long time now and has given him some significant opportunities to showcase his talent. He has also received praise from several legends. It will be interesting how he performs in big main-event matchups in challenging situations.

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