Are NBC Universal really buying WWE after latest releases?


Talks of NBC buying WWE have been rife over the past couple of weeks

Just a few days ago, the WWE released 6 names as a part of their usual budget cuts. Braun Strowman was one among those. And given his fame and impact in the WWE, it came as a surprise to many.

This in turn has led to speculations that the company might be sold anytime. The frontrunners for buying the WWE are NBC Universal (National Broadcasting Network). With a staggering net worth of $35 billion, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if NBC buys WWE.

CM Punk with Vince McMahon during his time at WWE.
CM Punk with Vince McMahon during his time at WWE. (WWE via Sportster)

Plus, a lot of WWE’s content is streamed live on NBC’s streaming division – Peacock Network. The only thing that has been putting a question mark over the sale is WWE CEO Vince McMahon’s resolute efforts to hold on to his position as the boss of the promotion.

WWE is still very much popular and tops the TV ratings, but it has been a mere shadow of its pre-2010 self. Selling it to a network like NBC would surely do the WWE and its shareholders a world of good.

If NBC buys WWE, the wrestlers would take up the role of “actors” under the company, and would probably get paid a lot more, which would completely eradicate the payment dispute.

Vince McMahon is a control freak

Despite all the speculations surrounding the sale of WWE to NBC Universal, many believe that the sale wouldn’t materialize until McMahon is gone. The reason? The general consensus is that he’s an out-and-out control freak.

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Brandon Thurston of the Wrestlenomics posted a tweet claiming that WWE getting sold to NBC Universal is inevitable, but not until Vince McMahon was done.

His tweet read:

“If you’ve followed Vince’s career, he’s a control freak through-and-through. That tendency increased with time. I tend to believe control is priceless to him. When he’s gone, sure WWE might sell and NBCUniversal is the most obvious suitor and really the only one that makes sense.”

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