Angel Garza explains why he ditched Andrade in handicap match against Big Show


Andrade suffered the loss as Angel Garza walked out on him against the Big Show

The evening started off well for Andrade and Angel Garza as they won against the Viking Raiders, but things ended on a sour note as they faced the Big Show in a handicap match.

Angel Garza and Andrade were once again involved in an argument (Source: Twitter)
Angel Garza and Andrade were once again involved in an argument (Source: Twitter)

Fighting two on one, even against Show, should have seen the pair pick up the win. However, there were problems right from the start.

They could not decide who should start off against Show, and both stars were beaten up. However, Garza and Andrade got some control over Show and it seemed they were set for the win.

Things didn’t go as planned though. Andrade wanted to get into the action and that infuriated Garza. He walked out on his partner as Big Show was able to get the win.

Tension has been mounting between the pair of Garza and Andrade for a while, and this was on show again.

While Andrade was laid out, it was Garza who responded later in the evening. The former NXT star explained his decision to dump Andrade and was not happy at how things took place during the match:

“You asked for YOUR moment when I was in control. OKEY I GAVE YOU, YOUR MOMENT. I Hope you enjoyed it”, Garza tweeted.

More problems for Vega

Zelina Vega believes she is the best manager in WWE, but she has a huge problem on her hands. Ever since she created the stable there have been problems.

Austin Theory was part of the group but was kicked out by the trio. Now, Garza and Andrade are having problems and that is affecting their performances and results.

Vega does know how to get things in order and it will be interesting to see what happens next. The win over the Raiders could give them a shot at tag team glory. However, there is a lot to fix between two of the most talented players in the business.

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