WWE star Angel Garza is a fan of R-Truth and his segments

WWE star Angel Garza has praised 24/7 Champion R-Truth for his segments in the company.

Truth has become one of the top draws in the promotion but not because he is the top champion.

The 24/7 title doesn’t have the same prestige as even the United States or Intercontinental titles, however, Truth has made it a fun story to follow.

R-Truth was in action on this week's Raw
R-Truth in action on Raw (WWE)

Truth has fought against some of the craziest characters to keep hold of his crown and is a 37-time champion.

However, his other segments are just as funny as he plays out a confused wrestler. This has led to several quality moments in recent times, and Garza claimed he loves all of the Truth’s segments:

“@RonKillings is the man! impossible don’t love his segments”

Truth was to face Akira Tozawa as he defended his title, but things took a turn as Shayna Baszler appeared and took out all of Tozawa’s ninjas.

Raw doesn’t go as planned by Truth

The 24/7 Champion has used his character extremely well and tried to get one up on Randy Orton later in the evening.

Orton vs Truth was advertised before Raw, and even though Truth tried, he was no match for Orton. An RKO right at the start ended the clash and the Big Show came out to save him from a punt.

Randy Orton giving an RKO to R-Truth
Randy Orton giving an RKO to R-Truth (WWE)

Truth also is a genius when it comes to rapping, and his music career has gone well too. While he might not be challenging for the top titles anymore, he certainly has made the 24/7 title fun to watch.

Tozawa should be looking to reclaim the title soon, and it will be interesting to see how he uses the ninjas to his advantage.

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