Alexa Bliss continues posting cryptic tweets regarding possible WWE return


Alexa Bliss posts yet another cryptic message teasing her WWE return

WWE superstar Alexa Bliss has been out of action from the WWE ever since losing at ExtremeRules against Charlotte Flair. Since then, Bliss has continued to post cryptic messages on her Twitter handle and tease a potential return to the company.

The former WWE Women’s champion recently took to Twitter yet again posting another cryptic message, have a look at what she posted:

Fans have been left with speculations regarding her return to the WWE after this message. Moreover, they are hopeful that Bliss returns to the WWE soon. Although there is no tentative date as of yet as to when will Bliss return, it can be said that her series of cryptic messages reveal that she could well be on her way back to the company.

Alexa Bliss lilly SummerSlam
Alexa Bliss is set to return with a new character (WWE)

Bliss is expected to undergo a sinus surgery and WWE is also working on a new storyline for the Harley Quinn. It will be interesting to see if she returns as a babyface or a heel in her new character.

What was the last cryptic message sent out by Alexa Bliss?

Bliss had posted a message almost two weeks ago hinting that she will wait. Now, the question arises, wait for what? However, Bliss did not give reference to anything and the speculations of her waiting a bit longer to return the WWE rose.

Alexa Bliss
Alexa Bliss (WWE)

Bliss has managed to keep the fans engaged even when she is out of action and builds up to the hype every once in a while with a message on Twitter. For detailed coverage check out: Alexa Bliss posts another cryptic message over her impending return

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