Alexa Bliss seems to have undergone a second Covid-19 test just a day after Renee Young confirmed she was positive

The WWE seems to be ramping up Covid-19 testing and Alexa Bliss highlighted what the test feels like.

The Goddess took to Twitter to highlight that she didn’t enjoy the test, and used a GIF to share what it actually felt like.

Alexa Bliss posted this image regarding her Covid-19 test
Alexa Bliss posted this image regarding her Covid-19 test (Twitter)

While one fan suggested that the test actually tickled, Bliss claimed that the earlier test wasn’t much of a problem for her.

“My first one tickled, I nervous giggled and shot snot out of my nose haha this one… not one giggle.”

WWE has been hit hard by the coronavirus with Renee Young sharing that she too tested positive for Covid-19 recently.

That affected AEW too as Jon Moxley was pulled from the recent Dynamite show. Moxley is to fight Brian Cage at Fyter Fest soon. However, that match could be called off as the AEW star needs to isolate for a few days, at least.

WWE star Renee Young recently tested positive for Covid-19 (coronavirus)
Renee Young is married to AEW star Jon Moxley (AKA Dean Ambrose) (Image credit: WWE)

Reports suggested that a lot of wrestlers have tested positive for Covid-19 in WWE. However, the NXT taping didn’t have any issues as most of the top stars performed.

WWE has to ensure the safety of their performers, but one posted that she had contracted the virus for a second time.

Braxton tests Covid-19 positive again

Kayla Braxton, who features on The Bump and on SmackDown, recently confirmed that she had contracted Covid-19 for a second time.

She claimed that she had it in March, and shared it as a service announcement that a person could get the coronavirus again:

“Was keeping it quiet but since everyone else is sharing, I feel like it is my responsibility to share this PSA: YOU CAN GET COVID-19 MORE THAN ONCE! I had it back in early March and then thought I was invincible after I recovered. Not true. Dont be dumb like me.”

Kayla Braxton of WWE also tested positive for Covid-19
Kayla Braxton is the host of WWE’s The Bump (Image credit: WWE)

Hopefully, there are no other cases of the coronavirus in WWE. Braxton has worked on SmackDown while Young was there last week when Matt Riddle made his debut.

WWE was one of the few weekly sports entertainment shows that continued during the initial days of the coronavirus outbreak.

However, if even one star was Covid-19 positive during any of the recent shows, everyone in close proximity would have to be tested and quarantined for a couple of weeks.

That would play havoc with WWE’s plans, and it will be interesting to see who else comes out and shares their testing status.

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