Alexa Bliss reacts after blasting Randy Orton with fireball on Raw


Alexa Bliss brought up revenge as she blasted Randy Orton with a fireball on Raw

This week’s WWE Raw saw a main event turning into a fight between Randy Orton and Triple H. This all started in the opening segment of the show as H came out to speak.

Orton interrupted him and wanted to fight The Game. H then punched Orton and a match was set up. While Orton was getting beat up by The Game, the pair do have a history over two decades old, there was a surprise in the end.

The Game wanted to slam Orton with a sledgehammer but that was set on fire. Things took another turn when the lights started to flicker and the music of The Firefly Fun House started to play out.

The Game was then missing from the ring and Alexa Bliss was back. She hit Orton with a fireball and left the Viper in a lot of pain.

Revenge is here

Not much has been said by The Fiend since Orton set him on fire at TLC 2020. Bliss also wanted Orton to set her on fire a couple of weeks back. The Viper decided not to but Bliss had one simple reaction on social media.

She claimed that this was an eye for an eye, and she could be referring to Orton burning the Fiend.

“An eye for an eye” is what Bliss posted on her Instagram account, and she even got the perfect snap of the fireball.

Alexa Bliss blasted Randy Orton with a fireball
Alexa Bliss posted this photo on Instagram (WWE)

It is to be seen when The Fiend returns to action but it is safe to say that he isn’t done with The Viper. The Fiend also posted a subtle message after TLC 2020 where he was burned alive. He thanked Orton and posted a photo of a cocoon.

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