Zelina Vega SmackDown loss was not set up due to Aleister Black decision


Zelina Vega loss on return unrelated to Aleister Black move to AEW

WWE SmackDown Superstar Zelina Vega appeared back in WWE, coinciding with husband Aleister Black moving to AEW.

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Zelina Vega with her husband Aleister Black (Instagram)

But, now it seems that Vega’s loss was not because of Black not returning to WWE when she faced Liv Morgan on WWE SmackDown. According to Mike Johnson of PW Insider:

“I believe that was just a dumb creative decision more than something that sinister.  Unless they have a long thought out story in mind with Vega and Liv Morgan coming out of the loss, I don’t get the idea of bringing her back to lose in her first appearance, but maybe they do.”

Vega made her presence felt after almost a year out when WWE released her. Her exit was controversial as she was found on a third party platform against company rules. She is now already in the Money in the Bank ladder match. This means that WWE have already given her a massive push, which could mean things in the future.

Zelina Vega Alesiter Black
Zelina Vega is now going to perform on the blue brand

Her husband, Malakai Black ( new name on AEW) made a surprise debut on AEW Dynamite, after he signed a contract with Tony Khan and his company.

Where does Black go from here?

Despite the 90-day no compete clause, Black made his return to wrestling within a month and a half. He was also on the wishlist to return back to WWE, after many called for his release to be revoked.

Black, is now already a big talking point after knocking out Arn Anderson and Cody Rhodes. This could be the start of a promising revival for the Dutchman, who had just recently returned to WWE.


The contractual glitch by WWE allowed Black to join AEW and become one of the high profile stars to move across the big two brands. It will be an interesting next few months for Black, who was with WWE for more than half a decade.

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