Alberto El Patron reacts to Finn Balor’s recent tweet


Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio reacts to a recent tweet of Finn Balor showing all his milestones

WWE Superstar Finn Balor has been wrestling for over two decades now. He was the leader of the Bullet Club and became the first-ever WWE Universal Champion. 

Finn Balor
Finn Balor wins the US title against Damian Priest (Twitter)

Balor recently took to Twitter and showcased the many titles and championships he has won over the years. 

Former WWE Superstar Alberto El Patron, aka Alberto Del Rio, has reacted to a recent tweet from Finn Balor.

Impressive CV compadre!

Balor has been respected by many superstars both in and out of WWE mainly because of what he has achieved over the years. He can be called one of the best performers in the current generation.

Finn Balor opens up about wanting to perform in NXT UK

After succeeding in NXT, Balor wanted to get a knack for NXT UK. Recently he spoke on the podcast, My Love Letter to Wrestling. Finn revealed that WWE wanted him to make way to the main roster on SmackDown when he pitched for NXT UK.

New WWE NXT Champ Finn Bálor on Being Crowned the Prince Once More
Finn Balor is a former NXT Champion (WWE)

“Believe it or not, I actually pitched to go to NXT UK when they asked me to go to Smackdown… ’cause I knew the time at NXT was coming to an end. It had been 2 years, and I had worked with everyone. There was not really much more I could do there, I felt. The idea came to go to Smackdown, and I counter pitched with NXT UK, and they said, well, maybe in a couple of years, but we need you on Smackdown right now.” (H/T CageSide Seats)

On Monday Night RAW, Balor recently lost the United States Championship to Austin Theory. But he will be looking to bounce back soon.

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