Adam Pearce looks back on his humiliating defeat a year ago


Adam Pearce became an on-screen authority figure in 2020 on both RAW and SmackDown.

Pearce, on the March 1st episode of Raw, was directed by Shane McMahon to team up with Braun Strowman and face Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin for the tag team titles. Shane was at ringside for the match. Brawn did all the damage in the ring. He thwarted all the offensive moves that his opponents could muster.

Adam Pearce on WWE
Adam Pearce during a segment on RAW

The 43-year old was more than happy to stay out of the match. He looked on from the ring apron and wanted no part in the match. He wasn’t needed though, as Braun was single-handedly winning the match for his team. ‘The Monster Among Men’ delivered his finisher – The running power slam on Shelton Benjamin and was about to go for the cover when Shane demanded him to tag in Adam Pearce.

Adam looked reluctant from the get-go but was forced to make the tag. He got into the match thinking he would score the pinfall on Benjamin, who seemed to have been down and out by the running powerslam. As Pearce went for the cover, Benjamin countered into a roll up and pinned him to retain the titles. Braun looked in disbelief, as the opportunity to win the tag team titles went up in smoke for the big man.

That was Pearce’s last match in WWE.

Adam Pearce wants to make a comeback in the ring

The five-time NWA World Heavyweight champion quote retweeted a video of his last in-ring match in WWE.

Adam Pearce
Adam Pearce during his early days (WWE)

Adam has had some wonderful accomplishments in his career. He is a NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Champion and PWG World Champion. He is also a member of the NWA Hall of Fame and a former trainer and coach at the WWE Performance Center.

The 43-year-old, sharing the video of his last match in WWE wrote:

On this day one year ago I tasted bitter defeat in my final championship match. Today I vow that in my heart I know that I cannot truly end my active wrestling career with an L. Somehow, someday, in some way… I shall avenge.”

Pearce may have retired over 7 years ago, but he has a decent enough physique. Whether he actually makes a comeback to the ring, only time will tell. Currently, he is doing well in his role of an on-screen authority figure.

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