Rey Mysterio reveals what his daughter is up to after leaving WWE


Rey Mysterio hinted at a potential wrestling career for his daughter in the future, but insisted that she has her focus in the medical field and leaving WWE was the right decision.

Mysterio Family Photoshoot Dominik Mysterio Aalyah Mysterio Rey Mysterio Angie Mysterio
The Mysterio family grabbed headlines after the rivalry with Seth Rollins last year

Aalyah Mysterio, 19 is still pursuing a medical degree in college, after leaving WWE.

“It’s funny you say that. My wife just asked me yesterday, she goes, ‘What would you say if your daughter all of a sudden just said, dad, I wanna break into the business.’ I’d say I’d be the first to train her. I can’t say no. But of course she needs to continue with her medical field. That’s what she’s doing right now. She’s going to college to be in the medical field, so I’m looking forward to that. Again, if she decided to switch her mindset, I would be right there to support her.”

Her brother, Dominik, on the other hand, will become 24 and won the tag team championship with his dad. Dominik previously played high school varsity football at Horizon Christian Academy, which Aalyah also attended.

“She enjoyed it very, very much. She did some acting at a very young age, eight years old. My wife drove her to L.A. for two years straight because she wanted to be an actress, she wanted to do cartoons, and just do some Disney shows. Of course, two years after that she kind of drifted away to do something else, but she had a little bit of a feel of what it felt like to be in front of the cameras.”

– Rey Mysterio via  Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast (h/t Wrestling Edge)

Aalyah Mysterio’s WWE Appearances

Aalyah made her first WWE appearance on Smackdown back in 2010. She waited backstage with dad and WWE diva Tiffany.

She also made an appearance with the rest of the Mysterio family on March 12, 2010 episode of SmackDown. Mysterio was having a birthday celebration with is daughter but the festive mood was ruined by his Wrestlemania 27 opponent, CM Punk.

She returned in 2020 and played a vital role where she was involved in a romantic angle with Murphy during the feud between Mysterios and Seth Rollins. According to Google trends, there was a 2,000 percent worldwide increase in searches once she appeared on live TV. 

Aalyah leaving WWE
Aalyah Mysterio was involved with Buddy Murphy as part of the WWE storyline.

For now, she is absent from WWE Smackdown alongside Murphy. But with Seth Rollins back into the fray, a return for Aliyah Mysterio doesn’t seem very far away.

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