5 biggest gay wrestlers in the current wrestling industry


WWE has seen several changes over the years and a great one has been the rise of gay wrestlers over the years

Wrestling as a whole was a business that was a little conservative when it came to the sexual orientation of its stars. Much like any other sport, there weren’t many stories of gay wrestlers featuring in the world of wrestling a few decades back.

However, there have been many changes over the years and many wrestlers have come out as gay in WWE and other promotions.

Not only is this great for them as they don’t have to hide this fact, but it also opens a pathway for others who want to make a name for themselves in the promotion.

Darren Young will remain an icon for coming out during his time in WWE. There are other LGBT stars in other promotions too but here are 5 ex and current WWE superstars.

5) Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes Martinez has had a tough run in WWE. She did a great job on NXT and was a dominant force before WWE put her in Retribution and then took her out again. Martinez always had an on-and-off relationship with the WWE. She even had a small stint at AEW before coming to WWE. Later, she went to Impact Wrestling and then again to AEW.

Mercedes Martinez left her mark on Rhea Ripley
Mercedes Martinez

However, the 42-year-old is a great wrestler and there could be a lot for her in the coming years. She has openly stated about being lesbian and is the mother of a boy too.