JBL rips into a fan for calling him racist as he brings up old Mexico clips


JBL didn’t hold back when a fan accused him of being a racist, posting an old montage of JBL in the WWE

Racism has always been a nasty issue that has been ravaging the world. With the advent of social media, there has been a good awareness about this raging issue. However, there is still a long way to go.

WWE Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield aka. JBL recently had a run-in with a fan on Twitter on the grounds of racism.

Ron Simmons (L) and John Bradshaw Layfield
Ron Simmons (L) and John Bradshaw Layfield were the APA (WWE)

The fan, probably operating from a burner account, accused JBL of racism posting an old WWE montage of him (JBL) chasing away Mexicans trying to enter the US via. the border (kayfabe).

The fan’s tweet read:

“With all your racist BS??? FVCK the stupid #WWE.”

An irate JBL hit back at the fan, ripping him apart for being offended by an old scripted video:

“Karen said what? Sorry your feelings are hurt by a fictional character snowflake. Please immediately cancel your account and report to nearest adult to find a safe place.”

JBL annihilates the man behind the burner account

That one tweet of JBL wasn’t enough to shut the fan up. The fan replied clarifying that he doesn’t watch WWE, and wouldn’t play a racist on TV:

“I don’t watch WWE, I have higher than a 3rd grade education. Is the name of that character also your fucking name? If I wasn’t a racist piece of shit, I sure as hell wouldn’t play one on tv, for people to cheer for, using my own fucking name. You’re human garbage. Just a fact.”

A calm and collected JBL replied:

“If you don’t watch WWE, how do you have a clip of me being the great JBL? Thanks for being a fan. Now find a safe place snowflake.”

JBL who was a WWE regular in the promotion from 1995 to the late 2000s, took on the role of a commentator in the 2010s. He has currently been making sporadic appearances in the promotion.

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