The new year brings new challenges in the form of the WWE match-ups and the WWE Wrestlemania event. But with it has bought a vast amount of excitement for matches as well as the return of some of your favourite superstars. But what else is there to look forward too. In this article, we will be providing you with everything you need to know about the upcoming rumours surrounding the WWE at this time and how could this affects punters´ behaviour.

The Best Of Wrestle Mania Past

In years past, some of the best storylines and WWE superstar returns have been born at Wrestlemania. With some of the worlds best wrestlers in the world taking to the stage to put on a show, several people are wondering whether or not they will ever be able to outdo themselves. However, with the recent rumours of some amazing matchups for the upcoming Wrestlemania 37 event, there is the potential for this wrestling event to be bigger and better than ever before. To get you excited about the upcoming event, we have listed some of the rumoured match-ups for you to look forward too.

Goldberg VS Romain Reigns – Throughout the years, Roman Reigns has had many amazing storylines with several title victories thus far within the WWE but since his dramatic return to the WWE at Summer Slam, there have you to be a huge matchup between the WWE superstar and fellow competitor Goldberg. Though this match was supposed to be taking place at the last Wrestlemania event, The Big Dog decided not to perform due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This, therefore, means that the championship match will be taking place at Wrestlemania 37 instead.

Randy Orton Vs Edge – Another match that the fans cannot wait to see is the fight between WWE legend the Viper Randy Orton and the Edge. With a feud dating back many years and the Edge coming out of a 9-year retirement for the Royal Rumble in 2020, the WWE is strongly considering whether or not to pitch these two superstars together. Though this match-up is still up in the air, there are several fans that are hoping to see this match-up.

Keith Lee Vs Brock Lesnar VA Drew McIntyre

The final matchup that we could be treated to in the next Wrestlemania is a match between Keith Lee Vs Brock Lesnar VA Drew McIntyre. Though this triple threat match is one that features one of the most loved WWE wrestlers of all time, this also poses a huge positive for those looking to place their bets on the upcoming Wrestlemania event.

With the attendance slowly beginning to increase over the years with over 82 thousand people in attendance, sports betting  for this event is set to outrival that of the NFL in a few years. At this current moment in time, there are many wondering what the odds will be when this match-up goes ahead. Who do you think is set to come out on top?

Could The Bella Twins Be Returning To The WWE?

The final major rumour that has been circling around the WWE in the last few months is the return of the Bella Twins to the WWE. Just 5 months after welcoming the Birth of their Sons Matteo and Buddy the Bella twins have been in the news with many speculating that they will be making a return to the ring shortly. With both superstars stating that they are wanting to return to the ring for a shot at a Tag Team championship, this had several fans excited about what could be next for the sister duo and when this potential match opportunity will be.

However, this rumour has since been addressed in a recent video on the Bella Twins Youtube channel where the sisters addressed the rumours stating:

“We do really want to make a return, the timeline of it we don’t know when.”

This is a promising sign for the fans of the twins that there will be a return shortly with Brie mentioning in the video that they may want to make a return either next year or in 2 years.

With many more rumours circulating as well as the potential for several amazing matchup’s and hidden surprises in the upcoming WWE Wrestlemania event, there is plenty for the WWE fans of the world to be excited about as we head into the new year.


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