WWE 2K is the official page related to all games related to the wrestling promotion

WWE 2K20 recently came out to mixed reviews as the game felt unfinished and has several glitches and bugs.

2K have been involved with the WWE franchise for a while and it came as no surprise that they quickly provided a patch to solve some of the issues.

2K20 isn’t as good a product as the previous instalment and there still are some issues related to the game.

WWE 2K20 is a buggy mess
WWE 2K20 is a buggy mess (Image credit: WWE)

There have been texture and gameplay issues, some which have been hilarious.

However, there was a surprise as the official WWE 2K Facebook page was hacked.

Who is responsible for the 2K Facebook WWE hack?

A hacker, who identified himself/herself as ‘Nublom’, posted several updates on the WWE 2K Facebook page.

The hacker even changed some of the photos on the timeline of the Facebook page, and this WWE hack seems to have been a pretty big issue.

Former wrestler Chris Benoit’s photo was put up as the cover image as the Rabid Wolverine held onto a title.

WWE 2K page
The WWE 2K Facebook was hacked recently (Image credit: 2K Facebook)

The background also called for Benoit to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Benoit was one of the top wrestlers in the business but ended his career early in a tragic suicide and murder a few years ago.

The WWE hack wasn’t over though as the display picture for the 2K Facebook page was changed to an AEW one.

For those not in the know, AEW is the latest wrestling promotion that has come up to compete with WWE.

AEW Facebook
AEW are the latest to rival WWE’s popularity (Image credit: 2K Facebook)

AEW already has some big hitters such as Cody Rhodes, Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose), Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega.

2K release a statement on the page

2K had to release a statement over what had happened and it comes as a bit of a surprise.

They confirmed that several accounts had been hacked. 2K also apologised for all content posted on the accounts.

WWE 2K page saved
2K were able to get hold of their page after the hack (Image credit: 2K Facebook)

There was also a brief moment on the timeline when 2K’s admins were trying to change the images and Nublom kept on posting updates and reverting the pictures.

Hopefully, 2K are more careful regarding their social media accounts as this episode could have been a bigger disaster for them.

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