Mick Foley comments on more aggressive Shayna Baszler after Eva Marie attack


Shayna Baszler receives praise from Mick Foley after attack on Eva Marie

WWE Legend Mick Foley has reacted to the vicious attack by Shayna Baszler on Eva Marie on this week’s Raw. Foley took to Twitter to share his reaction where he said:

“Really enjoying this vicious side of @QoSBaszler – it opens up a world of possibilities down the road.”


The evil side of Bazler has earned to respect of Foley and he seems to be enjoying it as well. Baszler has been in quite a vicious run herself as she has seemingly damaged the arms of Nia Jax and now Marie.

Shayna Baszler reacts to injuring Eva Marie

During this week’s Monday night Raw, Marie went ringside to distract Doudrop during her match against Charlotte Flair. This helped Flair to retain her title however, Baszler then went to attack Marie.

Baszler first choked Marie out before stomping on her arm over the steel steps. Which left Marie screaming for help in agony. After the attack Baszler showed no remorse for her actions and claimed to be liking how it felt.

Marie had earlier broken her former team mate Nia Jax’s arm as well. Similar to that of Baszler’s attack on Marie, Jax’s arm was also injured when her arm was stomped on over the steel steps. For more on this story check out: Shayna Baszler reacts after Eva Marie injury.

Shayna Baszler is a former NXT Champion
Shayna Baszler attacks Nia Jax’s arm on Raw (WWE)

Baszler seemed to have had a character shift in the WWE as she is on a continuous attacking spree from the past two weeks. Is she done with her attacks or Baszler will be made to pay for actions is to be seen in the coming weeks.

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