WWE Superstars always tend to make some impressive body transformations. Here are the 5 biggest transformations of WWE Superstars after leaving the company

WWE is the land of some of the biggest bodies in the wrestling world. However, some superstars in WWE didn’t have massive bodies during their time with the company but after leaving the company got into the best shape of their life. Here are the 5 biggest transformations WWE superstars made after leaving the company.

1. Rey Mysterio 

The first name which comes to my mind is former World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio. He is still part of the WWE roster but when he left the company in 2015, Mysterio underwent an unreal body transformation. 

image 215
Rey Mysterio has transformed himself incredibly well (The Sun)

He is now known as the biggest little man in WWE history and that break from WWE helped him to get into the best shape of his life. Rey put an unreal amount of muscle and still kept the body lean. 

Mysterio put on some great shows at AAA, NJPW and Lucha Underground that WWE called him and brought him back to the company in 2018. 

2. Braun Strowman 

Braun Strowman was known for his time in WWE. He was always a big man but not very much ripped. Strowman is a former Universal Champion. After spending a good amount of years with the company he was released from WWE in June 2021 following budget cuts.

image 216
Braun Strowman has shown incredible body transformation after battling depression (The Sun)

Months after his released he raised quite a few eyebrows when he posted some incredible transformational photos on his Twitter. He has gotten into some unreal shape with all ripped muscles. 

He’s now leaner than he ever was and this transformation can bring him back to his viable shape. company anytime soon. 

3. Torrie Wilson 

Former WWE Divas Torrie Wilson is on her way to approaching 50 years however by looking at her physique you can’t tell a bit that she is getting older. She left WWE in 2007 after a serious back injury and shifted her attention to overall fitness.


image 217
Torrie Wilson is now a fitness instructor and has been in tremendous shape (Pinterest)

She has successfully done that and is in absolutely incredible shape right now. Wilson is now a fitness instructor and is in unbelievable shape. This transformation is certainly impressive, to say the least.

4. Edge 

Edge is one of the most talented wrestlers in the history of WWE. He is the winner of the first Money in the Bank, a Royal Rumble winner and has gone on to win all the major titles of the company. 

image 218
Edge showed unbelievable transformation after departing from WWE (Talksport)

However, a horrific neck injury forced him to take early retirement in 2011. But this was not the end of the road for Edge as he came back to the company with an even better physique. He managed to get even leaner and made a shocking return in January 2020. With some grey hairs and a ripped body, he looked much better at the start of his second run in the company compared to his first.

5. Dwayne The Rock Johnson 

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is one of the biggest names in WWE. The fans have seen the incredible journey of The Rock from rags to riches. He has worked hard to reach the level where he is today. One of the richest actors in the world.

image 219
The Rock is known for his big body transformation (What Culture)

The Rock is now known for his big figure but that wasn’t the case always, particularly when he was with the company back in the Attitude Era. 

He decided to make a big decision in 2004 and left WWE to become a full-time actor and for that, he started bulking up for his roles and ended up becoming one of the biggest action heroes on television.

Even though he is in his 50s now. The Rock is arguably in the best shape of his life and is tend to become better with each day. He is set to make his return to Next Year’s WrestleMania, the fans will be eager to see The People’s Champion in action. 

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