Alex Zayne shares an update after undergoing an eye surgery


The talented Alex Zayne suffered an eye injury during Saturday’s GCW The Coldest Winter show – here is an update on the same

Alex Zayne suffered an injury during his Death Match with Jimmy Llyod. The high-flyer shared on his Twitter account that he had a ruptured globe and needed surgery. The 35-year-old former WWE superstar also received stitches in his right arm.

Picture courtesy – @AlexZayneSauce (Twitter handle)

Alex Zayne tweeted :

“Update: they had to give me some stitches before they could move forward on the eye situation.

Have a Ruptured Globe, heading into surgery for that and to, of course, remove the glass from my eye.

Should be in there soon. Thanks to everyone who has reached out. #GCWColdest”

The superstar shared another update once he got out surgery, mentioning that the doctor said it went well. Eleven hours post his initial tweet, he once again tweeted:

“Update: I’m out of surgery, drowsy af, someone drugged my Baja blast.

Doc said it went well. Time will tell.

Thank you all so much for all the love and well wishes.🙏

These peanut butter crackers taste nothing like Taco Bell.”

Zayne was battered and bruised heavily as he shared pictures as well. The images are painful to watch though.

Fans and well-wishers pray for Zayne’s speedy recovery

The American fitness enthusiast, musician and professional wrestler has wowed many wrestling fans through his scintillating array of fearless maneuvers over the years.

Cameron Grimes versus Ari Sterling on WWE NXT

Alex Brandenburg, who wrestles under the ring name Alex Zayne, previously worked in WWE under the ring name Ari Sterling.

He has some phenomenal wrestling moves in his arsenal. Some of his famous moves are the 630 Senton, Corkscrew Senton Bomb, Crunch Wrap and Taco Driver. Alex’s signature moves are the Baja Blast, Dragonrana to the opponent perched on the top rope and the pump-handle lifted knee strike.

He has won the HOPE Young Guns Championship and the USACW Heavyweight Championship.

He was released by WWE in 2021. Zayne through his exhilarating moves in the ring has made many fans. They all wished him a speedy recovery. Here’s a look at what they said:

The strong character that Zayne is, expect him to recover well, and soon, get back to doing what he does best.

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