MVP came out and defeated the current United States Champion Apollo Crews on Raw

This week’s Monday Night Raw featured one interesting clash as MVP faced off against the United States Champion, Apollo Crews.

This all stemmed from the fact that Crews wasn’t willing to join MVP’s stable. Bobby Lashley is the only member of this, but MVP has been trying hard to get more people in.

Bobby Lashley had to be forced to break a full nelson on Apollo Crews
Bobby Lashley had to be forced to break a full nelson on Apollo Crews (WWE)

Crews has rebuffed all these efforts but ended up losing this clash on Raw. Lashley did have a role to play in all this and attacked Crews after the fight.

The All Mighty seems set to battle for the US title after targeting not only Crews but also Ricochet and Cedric Alexander this week. However, WWE should push MVP as the next United States Champion ahead of Lashley.

An incredible return to WWE

MVP had been away from WWE for a while but he is a former US Champion and one of the longest-reigning ones too.

While he was away, he did learn other martial arts and kept working at it. Mark Henry, on the Busted Open podcast, recently claimed that MVP was working even when not in the WWE and sought his advice on returning to the promotion.

MVP has won several titles in his wrestling career
MVP during the WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

The 46-year-old did wrestle on other promotions too, but he is making a real impact now. His return to WWE took place at the 2020 Royal Rumble, but he was never going to win it.

MVP has been hired as a backstage producer too during this time, but he deserves a lot more on-screen time.

His promos have been electric since returning to the business, and he is the perfect companion for Lashley.

MVP with Mark Henry
(L-R) Wrestler MVP, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and wrestler Mark Henry celebrate at the end of a tag team match (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The All Mighty isn’t that great on the microphone, while MVP has been killing it in recent weeks. He also looks to be in great shape and WWE should push him as the new United States Champion over Lashley.

No gold for Lashley?

While MVP deserves something for his fantastic return, his match against Crews proved he is ready to be a champion, it would also add another storyline to Lashley.

The All Mighty could be a decent US Champion, he has looked hungry for success after his split from Lana.

He looked vicious while attacking the trio on Raw this week, but should rather reignite his feud with McIntyre. There is something that could be re-looked at and with MVP having some gold around his waist, it would only motivate Lashley to replicate his manager.

Bobby Lashley spears Drew McIntyre
Bobby Lashley attacks Drew McIntyre (WWE)

The Dolph Ziggler vs McIntyre rivalry doesn’t have that same heat as it should while Lashley has a similar body type to McIntyre.

The McIntyre vs Lashley rivalry had an abrupt ending and should be looked into again.

WWE have something special on their hands again with MVP doing his best work in years. The 46-year-old might not win the main title soon, however, there should be some gold around his waist soon.

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