Crocs are one of the most comfortable footwear out there in the market. But Why Do Crocs receive so much hate? 

Crocs in recent times have become quite a popular pair of footwear for most young people. As they are easy-to-go footwear and can be paired with a lot of clothes. However, a lot of people tend to hate Crocs so much. Let us find out why.

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Crocs is a type of casual footwear (Business Insider)

Here are some of the reasons why crocs receive so much hate

  • One of the main reasons why Crocs receive so much hate is because of their appearance as these shoes are viewed as ugly. The price of Crocs is often viewed as expensive. 
  • Crocs are now suitable for certain activities like running and hiking, although these are not the kind of shoes which you can wear in business meetings.
  • Wearing crocs could lead to Blisters, Yes you heard it right Wearing crocs for a prolonged period could lead to some serious blisters. 
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Crocs is an American Company (Ox Street Magazines)
  • Crocs have restricted airflow and this could make your feet smell, and nobody wants or enjoys having a bad odor emitting from their feet as a result of wearing Crocs. 
  • These pairs of shoes are overpriced and this is one of the main reasons why people hate this so much. The average price of Crocs is as high as $50. 
  • Crocs are unable to secure your feel. Some doctors have said against the prolonged use of Crocs. This footwear doesn’t provide comfort to the heel and it could cause some problems.
  • These pairs of shoes appear to many consumers as childish. They are available in lots of colors with different cartoon characters as well which are more targeted toward children.
  • When you expose Crocs to water it might lead to your crocs being slippery. This is one of the main reasons why people hate this footwear so much.
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  • These shoes can shrink when exposed to excessive heat. there are some days you might end up forgetting your shoe under the sun which might cause. Shrinking.
  • The design of the crocs is harmful and can have a ripple effect on your toes, such as neuromas and ingrown nails.

In conclusion, we can say that people tend to go for other types of footwear rather than sticking with crocs for several reasons. 

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