Why did Sam Frank break up with N3on? Reason and details explored


Why did Sam Frank break up with N3on? All you should know about why Sam Frank broke up with N3on and learn all about the reasons and details behind their split.

N3on and Sam Frank have been dating each other since October 2023, and her boyfriend N3on, aka Rangesh, has been involved in quite a lot of controversies, such as falling out with Adin Ross or getting arrested after an altercation with Vitaly.

There have been a set of rumours going on when it comes down to N3on and his girlfriend, Sam Frank.

There is a screenshot that is being circulated online that shows a conversation between the two wherein N3on gets upset when he finds out Sam Frank is going snowboarding while he is undergoing surgery.

There have been speculations that Sam Frank has cheated on N3oN.

Let us take a deep dive into the reasons behind their split and learn all about their relationship.

Why did Sam Frank break up with N3on
Why did Sam Frank break up with N3on? (Twitter)

Why did Sam Frank break up with N3on?

There are rumours going around that Sam Frank cheated on N3on since there were screenshots of a conversation between the two influencers all across social media.

However, N3on also came for a live stream, and after being 5 hours and 17 minutes into the stream, he stared at the viewer’s questions and said, “Am I a loser, chat? Am I a loser, chat? Yes or no. Am I a loser, bruh?”

N3on later apologised to those who had arranged a party for him, and he apologised and ended the livestream abruptly.

Some users posted snippets of the clip, and they stated the reason for N3on’s behaviour was his breakup with Sam Frank.

The screenshot that was going viral mentioned how bad Sam Franks’s snowboarding trip looked, and nobody goes on a trip while in a relationship.

Sam Frank responded by saying that she was getting annoyed with him and that he was not willing to fix things, causing pain between the two.

There were different responses from users, and they stated that someone must check up on N3on, and some went on to say that all of this was scripted.

Conclusion – Why did Sam Frank break up with N3on?

Why did Sam Frank break up with N3on? N3on has not clearly explained the reason behind his and Sam Frank’s split. There is no clear motive or story that has come out, but there have been rumours that Sam Frank has cheated on him. However, nothing can be explicitly said about the nature of their relationship. N3on is a popular Twitch streamer and has a great deal of fan following. Apart from being successful, he has been a controversial figure and has landed himself in trouble. 

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