TikTok star Addison Rae faces criticism after posting a controversial bikini photo on social media

Addison Rae faces backlash on social media as she posts a photo of herself wearing a Holy Trinity-inspired bikini following her collaboration with Adidas. Netizens have found the swimsuit to be disrespectful to Christianity. 

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Addison Rae is a popular singer and TikTok star (Variety)

On Tuesday, August 3, the He’s All That star posted an image to Instagram where she wore the $100 bikini top with the word “Father” on one side and “Son” on the other. The social media post only included the top part of the bikini. The bottom part of the swimsuit reads “Holy Spirit”. 

Most celebrity friends of Addison were crazy over her post as Mark Hunter, also known as ‘The Cobrasnake,’ wrote- “home run” and Tate McRae wrote “oh my god Addison,” However others were not happy at all and slammed the social media star for representing the country, 

TikTok soon deleted the Instagram post on Wednesday. The outlet reported that some said the swimsuit was disrespectful to Christian people, while others called it “blasphemous.”

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Addison Rae and Adidas collaborated for this swimsuit (Instagram)

Netizens react to Addison Rae’s post on social media 

Some of the fans were not at all impressed with the post and straightaway commented on Rae’s Instagram and TikTok posts asking her to apologize. 

Rae was also slammed online for representing the company. Many were displeased with the cult-favourite brand for creating the swimsuit which debased Christianity.

Here are some of the tweets from fans slamming Adidas and Addison Rae:


Rae is not the only celebrity to wear the famous Adidas bikini. Recently, Christina Aguilera took to Instagram, posing in the French version of the bikini which read “Père,” “Fils” and “Esprit Saint.” The singer captioned the video “A religious experience.”

Addison Rae is a Christian herself but it did not seem to bother the Obsessed singer from taking on the brand sponsorship. Rae attended the Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana. Her parents practised Christianity at home. 


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