Who is Reginald, WWE superstar Carmella’s sommelier?

Carmella’s sommelier has been given a name by WWE at TLC 2020, and it’s Reginald Thomas. But, what is his real name?

The SmackDown star’s sommelier made headlines after featuring in the 12th December episode of SmackDown.

Reginald 3
Reginald Thomas during the title fight between Carmella and Sasha Banks at WWE TLC 2020. (WWE)

Sasha Banks and Carmella were supposed to sign a contract for the title match then, but things did not go to plan. The two ended up fighting for the title in the episode’s main event that night.

Banks was disqualified for losing it in the ring against Carmella. ‘Miss Mercedes’ even ended up locking Carmella’s sommelier in the Bank Statement, before Carmella intervened.

Fans were left wondering about the identity of the man who appeared alongside ‘The Staten Island Princess’. Fans now have an answer as WWE gave the sommelier a name at TLC 2020 on Sunday.

He was addressed as ‘Reggie’ throughout the fight, and his moniker has been assigned as ‘Reginald Thomas’.

Reginald Thomas is not new to WWE

Reginald tried to help Carmella win the fight against Sasha Banks at TLC 2020, but to no avail. Banks regained her early dominance in the fight after hitting Reginald with a Meteora for helping Carmella escape the submission move.

‘The Boss’ went on to win the fight after Carmella tapped out from the Bank Statement after a closely fought encounter.

She walked away with the blue brand’s belt as Carmella was left distraught in the middle of the ring. At least her sommelier got a moniker of his own during the fight.

This is not Reginald’s first stint with the promotion. He spent time in NXT under the name ‘Akeem Young’ before being called up to the main roster.

His real name is Sidney Bateman and he was a performer with Cirque de Soleil before being snapped up by WWE almost a year back. He even has his own account on Twitter dedicated to his career with WWE.

Reginald before being hit with a meteora by Sasha Banks. (WWE)
Reginald before being hit with a meteora by Sasha Banks. (WWE)

It will be interesting to see if Reginald becomes a regular accomplice to Carmella or goes on to have a storyline of his own after this outing at TLC 2020.

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