Who is AEW fighter Abadon? Unearthing the identity behind Hikaru Shida’s new challenger

You are not to be blamed if you’ve been left wondering “who exactly is AEW fighter Abadon?” after seeing the scary-looking performer in the past few months.

Abadon was discovered by AEW when they were in Denver. She is from the RMP Wrestling company, where they call her ‘The Living Dead Girl’.

Abadon is one of the weirdest stars on AEW. (Abadon Twitter)
Abadon is one of the weirdest stars on AEW. (Abadon Twitter)

Her real name is unknown, partly because of her unwavering commitment to the character she plays on the screen. She has her Instagram handle where she posts photos of herself playing the character of Abadon on AEW.

Fans have speculated about her identity on social media ever since she made her first mainstream appearance back in March 2020.

Abadon’s start with AEW

Abadon made her AEW debut in June 2020 when she faced Anna Jay. Jay’s match was heavily promoted by AEW but her opponent’s name was never revealed.

More than her victory over Anna Jay, her terrifying and grotesque persona creeped out fans everywhere and made her a trending topic on social media. Shortly after her victory over Jay, Abadon was announced officially as All Elite.

She has since been pitted as the challenger to AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida. Abadon isn’t new to Shida as they both faced each other in March.

In fact, Abadon’s match against Shida in March, while AEW was touring Denver, was the moment where she was discovered and picked up by the brand for a contract.

Abadon in action.
Abadon in action.

She was injured a few months back after taking an elbow to her neck, but returned in late November in terrifying fashion.

Shida defended her title on AEW two weeks ago when she pinned Anna Jay. While the Champion celebrated her title, Abadon arrived at the scene and crawled towards Shida.

This caused the Japanese to fall and drop her title to the ground. Abadon picked up the title and licked it, leaving bloody marks on it. Shida responded to it on the 9th December episode of AEW where she came to Tesha Price’s rescue against Abadon.

It will be interesting to see where the story goes from here and if Abadon will be given a shot at the title so early on.

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