Who is Sauce Walka’s Girlfriend? Know more about his personal life


Sauce Walka is an up-and-coming rapper with an extravagant lifestyle, who recently gained widespread exposure through posting videos to Onlyfans. He currently dates Bambi Doe, an established cam model.

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Who is Sauce Walka's Girlfriend? Know more about his personal life 2

Bambi and her partner recently welcomed a baby daughter into the world, sharing an adorable Instagram post featuring Bambi holding their daughter Bambi as she held on tight for some tender loving care.

PersonNotable Information
Sauce Walka– American rapper with a unique style and catchy lyrics<br> – Estimated net worth of $7 million by 2023<br> – Debut as A-Walk in 2007, later formed the hip-hop group Sauce Twinz<br> – Also an actor and model<br> – Passion for cars and an impressive collection
Bambi Doe– Partner of Sauce Walka, known for photos on Onlyfans<br> – YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers and modeling work with hip-hop artists<br> – Founded an OF (Onlyfans) management company<br> – Gained popularity on Instagram
Ashleigh Smith-Walker– The partner of Sauce Walka, raising two kids together
Rapper Kid Cudi– Private about his personal life, not divulging details regarding relationships<br> – Seen with different women over time
Albert Walker Mundane– Real name of Sauce Walka, born on June 29, 1990, in Houston, Texas<br> – Started his music career in 2007 and later formed Sauce Twinz with Sancho Saucy
Net Worth– Sauce Walka has an estimated net worth of about $7 million by 2023<br> – Formed an independent record label TSF with Sancho Saucy
Physical Appearance– Kid Cudi is known for his attractive dreadlock hairstyle, black eyes, and stubble beard
Family Life– Rapper Sauce Walka has children and shares family photos on social media

Albert Walker Mundane (born June 29, 1990)

Sauce Walka, an American rapper known for his unique style and catchy lyrics, has quickly made waves in the music industry. Recently he has released several hit singles while working alongside esteemed artists – all of which have helped add up to an estimated net worth of $7 Million by 2023.

Sauce Walka first made his debut as A-Walk in 2007 before changing it to Sauce Walka and releasing mixtapes. Later that same year he joined Sancho Saucy to form hip-hop group Sauce Twinz.

Sauce Walka has made his mark as an actor and model as well. He starred in both “Sorry 4 the Sauce” and “Ghetto Gospel”, as well as the web series Local Bitch. Lastly, Sauce has an immense passion for cars – amassing an impressive collection.

Bambi Doe

Bambi Doe is the partner of American rapper and lyricist Sauce Walka, and gained attention due to photos featuring them posted on Onlyfans website. Bambi remains quite discreet when discussing her personal life online.

Her seductive videos and considerable income have caught many people’s eye, prompting an Instagram user to criticize her for having had offspring without proper parental approval. When confronted by this criticism, she hit back by criticizing their criticism that came in the form of criticizing her child-rearing practices as un-Christian.

Bambi is a well-known YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers, known for her modeling work with some of hip-hop’s biggest artists such as Bun B, Lil’ Keke, Chief Keef, Maxo Kream, and Migos. Additionally, she founded an OF management company and gained popularity on Instagram and X. Bambi’s talents span many disciplines; her positive outlook makes her easygoing personality unmatched by other competitors.

Ashleigh Smith-Walker

Rapper Sauce Walka and Ashley Ho are an unwavering couple, raising two kids together. Liam often posts heartwarming photos from his family life on social media.

Albert Walker Mondane of Houston began his music career in 2007 as part of Mostheard rap group before adopting the stage name A-Walk and going solo in 2014. Later that same year he formed Sauce Twinz alongside Sancho Saucy and began releasing mixtapes.

He has collaborated with other hip-hop artists, such as Bun B, Migos, Chief Keef, Lil Keke, and Maxo Kream – among many others – as well as founding an independent record label called The Sauce Factory.

The rapper was born June 29th, 1990 in Houston Texas to an addict mother and wrestler father who both endured drug use during their upbringings. Today he enjoys an extravagant lifestyle thanks to his successful career as a rapper with a net worth estimated around $2 Million.

Net Worth

Sauce Walka, an American rapper with an estimated net worth of about $7 Million, has amassed great wealth through his music career. Together with Sancho Saucy, he forms the duo Sauce Twinz which has released several mixtapes and their own independent record label TSF.


Rapper Kid Cudi is notoriously private about his personal life, not divulging any details regarding girlfriends or relationships. Yet he has been seen numerous times with different women over time; spending considerable amounts of money on his romantic pursuits.

He is an accomplished rapper who has worked tirelessly to reach his goals in the industry. With millions of fans who love his music and lifestyle, millions are interested in what he has to offer them both musically and otherwise. Notable features of his body and appearance include his attractive deadlock hairstyle – as well as black eyes and an attractive stubble beard to complete his look!