Who is Ryan Newman’s Girlfriend? Know more about his personal life


Ryan Newman shares two daughters with former partner Krissie. He remains deeply committed to their upbringing, frequently posting pictures and discussing them online. Furthermore, Ryan Newman supports numerous humanitarian causes.

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Who is Ryan Newman's Girlfriend? Know more about his personal life 2

Beginning her acting career on Disney’s Hannah Montana show, she later went on to appear in movies such as Monster House and Zoom as well as performing photoshoots for various magazines and publications.

PersonNotable Information
Ryan Newman– NASCAR driver
– Father of two daughters: Brooklyn and Ashlyn
– Involved in humanitarian causes, including Rescue Ranch
– Simple and down-to-earth lifestyle
– Estimated net worth of $50 Million
Krissie Newman– Former partner of Ryan Newman
– Social worker and founder of Rescue Ranch
– Two daughters with Ryan Newman: Brooklyn and Ashlyn
– Met Ryan Newman through a blind date in 2001 and married in 2004
– Acted in movies and modeling for Sherri Hill
– Remains actively engaged in charitable endeavors
McKenzie Geibel– Current partner of Ryan Newman
– Enjoys hunting and fishing with Ryan
– Actively involved in their respective communities
– Relationship status not confirmed
– Seen together at races and charity events
– Their Instagram accounts feature photos of their time together

He is a one-woman man

Ryan Newman is a one-woman man. Since 2016, he and Devon Bagby, both Taureans and Cancers respectively, have been romantically involved. The signs are believed to be particularly compatible.

He shares adorable family moments on social media with Krissie Newman, his ex-wife. Krissie is an esteemed social worker and founder of Rescue Ranch; they were dedicated to charitable projects together before their separation in February 2020, four days before Ryan was involved in his fatal Daytona 500 crash.

She is an American actress and model. She has appeared in films and television shows like Alison in Thundermans, Ginger Falcone in Zeke & Luther, Cindy Collins in Zoom, and Emily Hobbs on See Dad Run, as well as modeling for fashion designer Sherri Hill for several photoshoots and model contracts. Additionally, she dated Jack Griffo and Ryan Ochoa in the past.

He is a father

Ryan Newman is known as one of the greatest drivers in NASCAR racing history and an exemplary father to his daughters Brooklyn and Ashlyn. Often posting photos of them online and talking fondly of them, their presence remains at the center of his universe – something they share a strong bond over.

Krissie, hailing from Vernon, New Jersey, attended Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania as a criminal justice pre-law major before going on to work at Mecklenburg County Criminal Courts in North Carolina as a courtroom clerk.

She and her husband met through a blind date set up by a mutual church friend in 2001, marrying four years later in 2004 and giving birth to two daughters, Brooklyn Sage and Ashlyn. Together they lived a passionate marital life as well as contributing to various charity projects such as Rescue Ranch; even after they separated they remain close enough that they collaborate on multiple charitable causes together.

He is a simple man

Ryan Newman is a down-to-earth guy who has never been involved in any scandal. Additionally, he is an amazing father – with two daughters that fans often see him spending time with and talking about. Additionally, he shares pictures of them via his Instagram.

Ryan first met Krissie Newman (nee Boyle) on a blind date in 2001 and married her later that same year. Together they had two daughters before divorcing five years later for unknown reasons – this remains one of NASCAR’s greatest mysteries.

Ryan is currently dating McKenzie Geibel of Abrams, Wisconsin. They share many interests such as hunting and fishing and enjoy spending time together with their respective families. They have been seen together at races like Stafford Speedway. Both accounts on Instagram feature photos featuring Ryan without him tagging her as yet. In addition, both have become active within their respective communities by attending charity events as well as volunteering at schools nearby.

He is a millionaire

He has amassed an enormous net worth through racing and endorsements; estimated at $50 Million. Throughout his life he has led an honest life; living simply while also supporting various charitable endeavors with an affinity for animals.

He married Krissie in 2001 after meeting through a church friend, and together they have two daughters. Krissie is also an actress, having appeared in movies such as Monster House, Zoom, and Zeke and Luther – graduating from Shippensburg University with honors.


Newman and his wife have been actively engaged with various charitable efforts, such as Hope for the Warriors and Rescue Ranch. Both are avid animal lovers; having adopted five dogs over time. Furthermore, they continue to support Rescue Ranch, an organization dedicated to rehabilitating and adopting pets. Currently reside in North Carolina with their daughters and have no plans of dating anyone else at present.