Who is Riley Green’s Girlfriend in 2023? His Dating History and more


Riley Green is a country music singer, television personality, traveler, and entrepreneur known for organizing several music tours. Additionally, he runs his own fashion brand and has released many singles under his name.

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Who is Riley Green's Girlfriend in 2023? His Dating History and more 2

He recently appeared at the 2022 CMT Music Awards with Sophia Sansone and both looked incredible together on the red carpet.

PersonNotable Information
Riley Green– Country music singer and entrepreneur
– Share photos with Sophia Sansone on social media
Sophia Sansone– Riley Green’s girlfriend
– Debut appearance at the CMT Awards 2022
– Day-to-day manager for Luke Combs
– Worked as a social media manager
Maria Peters– Riley Green’s red carpet appearances
– Close relationship with his mother and sister
– Sister is a boiler manager
Luke Combs– No plans for marriage
– Shares photos with Sophia Sansone on social media
– Rising country music star with a growing fan base
– Engages in hunting, fishing, and MMA training
Riley Green’s– Country singer-songwriter with a private life
Personal Life– Never married or had children
– Close-knit family that supports his endeavors
– Known for his hunting and fishing interests

Sophia Sansone

Many fans believe Sophia Sansone to be Riley Green’s wife; in actuality, she is his girlfriend. They began dating earlier this spring and recently made their red carpet debut at the CMT Awards 2022; fans noticed their happiness together; Riley donned a black suit while Sophia donned an exquisite blue gown.

So far, Sophia and Luke Combs have kept their relationship quiet, yet it’s evident they’re very happy together. Sophia serves as the day-to-day manager for Combs while boasting 10 children of her own; additionally, she works as a social media manager with several achievements to her credit.

Mariah Peters

Riley Green has amassed an enormous following as a singer, yet prefers to keep his personal life private. Still, his red carpet appearances have made headlines.

A celebrity has specific requirements he looks for when searching for his future wife or partner, with motherly approval being paramount among them.

Reports indicate that Riley is close to his mother. Karen Bonds Green graduated from Jacksonville State University and now works at M&H Valve as an account executive; she frequently shares updates regarding Riley on social media, often giving him congratulations for his accomplishments.

Lindy Green Currier, Riley’s sister, is also an ardent supporter of her brother. They share social media posts together frequently and even attend concerts together – leading many fans to speculate whether or not the two may be romantically involved.

Riley Green’s Marital Status

Riley Green, an accomplished country singer-songwriter who rose to prominence during his college football playing days as a Division 1 FCS quarterback, competed on the reality show Redneck Island and now owns his own clothing line called Halo Waterfowl.

Green has enjoyed great success in the music industry but prefers to keep his personal life private. He has never married nor had any children of his own; however, he does have one sister named Casey Green Maples who serves as a boiler manager.

Green has amassed an impressive online following and clothing line called Halo Waterfowl, garnering more than 885K followers on his official Instagram account and amassing an army of fans known as Riley Duck Man. When not writing music or performing his social media presence is also active hunting and fishing – in his free time MMA training as well.

Riley Green’s Personal Life

Riley Green prefers keeping his personal relationships private, though some celebrities might be eager to reveal details about them to the public. Hailing from Jacksonville, Alabama he gained fame in 2019 with his debut album “Different ‘Round Here” and hit single “There Was This Girl”. Riley has an enormous family that supports all his endeavors.

As of now, rising country star Luke Combs does not plan on marriage; however, he has shared adorable pictures with girlfriend Sophia Sansone on social media and made their red carpet debut together at the 2022 CMT Music Awards.


Green is an aspiring singer who has outlined a list of characteristics he hopes his future partner and wife possess; of particular note is her needing the approval of his mother. As well as singing, this gentleman also enjoys hunting and drinking Busch beer.