Who is Richard Cullen – the controversial ex-husband of Layla Machado Garry?


Who is Richard Cullen? All you should know about Richard Cullen and learn more about the ex-husband of Layla Machado Garry

Richard Cullen is a widely known sports nutritionist who has garnered much attention due to his ex-wife, Layla Machado Garry.

Layla Machado Garry is the wife of UFC star Ian Garry, and the two got married in 2022. Richard Cullen is a performance nut, and he went to Kingston University and studied business and politics.

Who is Richard Cullen
Ian Machado Garry celebrates after defeating Neil Magny but there is a lot of interest in ‘Who is Richard Cullen?’ 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Paul Rutherford/Getty Images)

He also works as the director at Layla Ltd. He is the co-creator and co-writer of Layla’s occasionally unintended show on NBC Sports.

He is the co-creator and co-writer of MyEPL on Eleven Sports Network. Let us take a deep dive into Richard Cullen’s life and why he has endured so much about his ex-wife.

Who is Ian Garry?

Ian Garry is a 26-year-old Irish fighter who competes in the UFC. The Welterweight is undefeated in his MMA career and boasts an incredible 13-0 record so far. He is currently ranked #10 in the UFC Welterweight rankings.

Garry started boxing training at 10 and then took up Judo after the rise of Conor McGregor. He attended college for a bit before dropping out to concentrate on his MMA career. The now 26-year-old fought his first amateur bout at the age of 19 before turning professional at 21.

Garry is one of the rising stars in the UFC and last fought Neil Magny at UFC 292. The Irishman is married to Layla Machado, and the pair also have a son.

Garry’s son was born in October 2022, and this is the first child of the pair. While Garry has caught the attention of several fans with his quotes and antics, many have been asking ‘Who is Richard Cullen?’ ever since Gary broke into the UFC world.

Who is Richard Cullen?

Many UFC fans have been asking ‘Who is Richard Cullen?’ Richard Cullen works as a performance nutritionist for UFC fighter Ian Garry, and he has been working with him for 2 years. Richard Cullena and Ian Garry’s controversy comes to light when it has been brought to light that Cullen is the ex-husband of Ian Garry’s present wife, Layla NMachdo Garry.

Layla and Richard Cullen got married in 2014, and later on, the two parted ways. Richard Cullen and Layla Machado Garry had a son named Lucas.

After parting ways, Layla started dating her present husband, Ian Garry, and the two got married late last year. Layla Machado Garry is 40 years old, and Ian Garry is 26 years old, so there is an age gap of 14 years.

Richard Cullen has been targeted due to his involvement with his ex-wife, and there have been a few tweets. Let’s take a look at the opinions of fans.


Richard Cullen is getting dragged around by fans for sticking around his wife’s husband as his trainer. People have trolled him online for his work, but he has not made a comment on anything.

Richard Collen’s ex-wife was also being attacked by trolls, and fans have started to make fun of their failed dynamic. However, Richard Cullen has parted ways with his wife, and they are just co-parenting.

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