Who is Matt Stonie’s Girlfriend?


Matt Stonie is an internationally-recognized competitive eater known for eating challenges. While his personal life remains private and avoids questions regarding relationships or romantic prospects, Mei recently posted on Instagram to announce their relationship. In August 2019, they posted another picture together that revealed they have been dating each other for five years.

Who is Matt Stonie's Girlfriend?
Who is Matt Stonie's Girlfriend? 2

Mei is of Chinese heritage and has three siblings. She loves traveling and eating food. Additionally, Mei considers Gray and Goma her furry family members.

Who is Mei Stonie’s Girlfriend?

Matt like many YouTubers has kept his personal life private; however, she can often be seen alongside him in various videos.

Mei is still relatively unknown to most, yet her Instagram accounts reveal she enjoys making mukbang content and eating in general as well as travelling extensively.

Mei is also fond of sharing pictures of her two dogs, Gray and Goma, on Instagram.

What is Matt Stonie’s Girlfriend’s Name?

Mei is Matt Stonie’s girlfriend. Originally of Chinese heritage, she and Matt have been in a relationship for five years and rarely share details about it on social media.

Mei does have an Instagram folder called “M&M”, where she posts pictures from her life with Matt, including travel posts. They share travel adventures together. Mei also has two beloved pets named Gray and Goma that belong to their family unit.

What is Mei Stonie’s Age?

Mei Stonie has been open about her relationship with Matt and their small family. Her Instagram Stories Organiser features plenty of pictures showing the couple together; on August 30, 2019, one such image shows them riding a rollercoaster. In this picture there is even text written toward one end indicating who it highlights: Matt!

Mei is believed to be the camera operator behind Matt’s YouTube videos, and she and Matt live together with their two pups Gray and Goma in the US.

What is Mei Stonie’s Nationality?

Mei is a Chinese-American girl working as an engineer. She and Matt have been in a relationship for five years but haven’t decided when they’ll marry; although, Mei and Matt are currently engaged.

Mei has maintained her private life discreetly and rarely speaks out about it on social media. She lives in California with two dogs named Gray and Goma; their favorite food includes lobster, fried rice, tacos from Tres Agave’s Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Lounge as well as sea cucumber.

What is Mei Stonie’s Religion?

Matt Stonie has long been known for his eating competitions; however, his personal life remained private. Mei Stonie revealed this year that they have been in a relationship for five years or longer.

Mei is an animal lover and adores her two pet dogs, Gray and Goma. Additionally, she enjoys traveling as well as spending quality time with her family.

Mei Stonie is the daughter of Cathy and Dorian Stonie and attended Evergreen Valley High School before going on to graduate from Mission College in Santa Clara.

What is Mei Stonie’s Height?

As is typical for celebrities, Matt Stonie keeps his personal life private and does not respond to inquiries regarding his relationships or small family relationships. Mei has however been more forthcoming about her connection to Matt Stonie and their small household.

Matt often posts photos of themselves together to her Instagram Highlighted Stories folder, while she can often be found behind-the-scenes in his YouTube videos. Travel is one of her favourite hobbies; New York, Singapore, Boston and Hawaii have been visited among others.

What is Mei Stonie’s Weight?

Matt Stonie is a YouTuber and competitive eater specializing in eating competitions. He currently holds fourth place in Major League Eating organization and has won several contests in that timeframe.

Mei is Matt Stonie’s partner, and they often travel together. Mei also loves animals; her two dogs, Gray and Goma are her companions.

Mei is very open about her relationship with Matt, often posting pictures of them together on her Instagram feed and even creating a folder dedicated to their pictures!

What is Mei Stonie’s Height in Inches?

Mei Stonie is a YouTuber and competitive eater who currently holds the fourth place ranking with Major League Eating organization. Her Instagram stories organizer reveals much about her life.

Mei frequently posts pictures of herself and Matt on social media. In one such post, Mei noted they had been in their relationship for five years. Furthermore, Gray and Goma are part of the family; Mei often refers to them as such.

What is Mei Stonie’s Weight in Pounds?

Matt Stonie has maintained an upstanding image by keeping his personal and professional lives separate, not divulging any details regarding relationships or marriage, as well as dodging any inquiries into it.

Mei has always been very forthcoming about her relationship with Matt. On Instagram, particularly under a featured stories folder named M&M, Mei gives a detailed account of their private lives together.

Mei Stonie
Personal Information
– Daughter of Cathy and Dorian Stonie
– Attended Evergreen Valley High School
– Graduated from Mission College in Santa Clara
Relationship with Matt Stonie
– Dating Matt Stonie for over 5 years
– Engaged to Matt Stonie
– Private about her personal life
Professional Life
– YouTuber and competitive eater
– Holds fourth place in Major League Eating organization
Instagram Presence
– Active on Instagram, often posts pictures with Matt Stonie
– Shares insights into her relationship through Instagram stories
– Has two dogs named Gray and Goma
– Considers them as part of the family
Travel Enthusiast
– Enjoys traveling to various places including New York, Singapore, Boston, and Hawaii
Relationship Disclosures
– Mei has shared details about her relationship with Matt Stonie on Instagram, posting pictures together and sharing their journey as a couple.

Mei revealed in one of her posts that she and Matt have been in a relationship for more than five years, showing a picture of them together on a rollercoaster ride.