Who is Matt Scharff’s Girlfriend?


Mathew, also known by his YouTube handle ‘Matt,’ gained fame through golf videos he posted with Maddie on YouTube. She now boasts an expansive fan base on the platform where she posts lifestyle, comedic, and dance films; in high school Maddie was even an enthusiastic cheerleader!

Who is Matt Scharff's Girlfriend?
Who is Matt Scharff's Girlfriend? 2

Matt taught her how to play golf, then engaged in various golf challenges together with her. Their videos have gained over 750,000 TikTok admirers and 240,000 YouTube subscribers since they first appeared online.


Matt Scharff is a YouTuber and Tiktok star known for his golf videos with Maddie Henderson on YouTube and Tiktok. Additionally, he is an investor in clothing brand GoodGood.

Born and raised in Kansas, USA, the YouTuber quickly rose to fame after posting footage of two holes-in-one on his channel. Since then he has become an esteemed golfer amassing over 248,000 subscribers on his official account.

Maddie is also an Instagram influencer with over 205,000 followers at maddiehen02; she regularly uploads lifestyle, humorous, and dancing videos as well as being part of popular dance group Bad Dancer. Both Matt and Maddie share Aries characteristics which may account for their remarkable compatibility; you can often see them together on social media accounts laughing and smiling while making golf movies that go viral; this first video in particular quickly went viral, prompting people to want more.

TikTok Star

Matt Scharff is a YouTube celebrity best known for his golf videos and TikTok posts. Maddie Henderson also has her own following; together, they’ve been making videos together that have gained immense traction with viewers.

Both YouTubers share the same birth month and zodiac sign of Aries, perhaps explaining their incredible compatibility. Maddie runs her own account on Tiktok where she posts lifestyle, funny and dance videos – she was part of dance group Bad Dancer during her early days before moving into cheerleading roles.

MattScharff, born in Kansas, US, is an award-winning YouTuber best known for his series of golf and sports trick shot videos that keep his audience riveted. He first gained notoriety after broadcasting footage of two hole-in-ones. Since then he has amassed an impressive following and many subscribers on his official channel MattScharff.

Net Worth

Matt Scharff is a popular YouTuber and TikTok star known for his golf and sports trick-shot videos on both platforms. Additionally, he’s part of YouTube Golf Creator Community with over 248k subscribers to his account on YouTube alone. Born April 6, 1997 in Kansas United States.

On his primary channel, he shares videos of himself playing golf with Maddie Henderson. Since sharing golf-related videos together on social media, this couple has garnered significant attention online – most notably when they uploaded one showing him proposing on Summer Bay Country Club’s 18th hole!

His birth date indicates he belongs to Life Path 9. This number indicates his insatiable desire for knowledge and experiences that has contributed to his success. Furthermore, he earned a degree in university that enabled further advancement of his career – winning him many accolades for his hard work along the way.


Matt Scharff is a popular YouTuber best known for his content related to golf. Hailing from Kansas in the United States, his collection of golf and sports stunt shot films have kept followers enthralled and gained him fame after broadcasting footage showing two opening in-ones on standard 4 ball golfers in one shot on YouTube.

Maddie Henderson has also become well-known on Tiktok as she gained notoriety through lifestyle, humorous, and dancing videos she uploaded. A former member of Bad Dancer and high school cheerleader, she rose to prominence thanks to Tiktok.

Matt Scharff
Personal Information
– Born and raised in Kansas, USA
– Birthdate: April 6, 1997
– Zodiac Sign: Aries
Career Highlights
– YouTuber and TikTok star
– Known for golf and sports trick-shot videos
– Investor in clothing brand GoodGood
– Part of YouTube Golf Creator Community
YouTube and TikTok
– Collaborates with Maddie Henderson on golf videos
– Over 248,000 subscribers on YouTube
– Golf videos go viral, gaining immense traction
– Active on TikTok with significant following
Relationship with Maddie Henderson
– Taught Maddie how to play golf
– Engages in golf challenges together
– Often seen together on social media
Maddie Henderson
Personal Information
– Lifestyle, humorous, and dance content creator
– Former cheerleader and member of Bad Dancer
– Rising TikTok star
– Active on Instagram with over 205,000 followers
Relationship with Matt Scharff
– Collaborates with Matt on YouTube and TikTok videos
– Often seen together on social media
– Golf-themed videos with Matt gain popularity
– Supportive friendship and partnership

This couple can often be seen together on YouTube, posting golf-themed videos that keep viewers enthralled. Their content has amassed over 240,000 subscribers on YouTube alone! Furthermore, they also boast a significant following on Instagram where fans love watching their golf skills improve while enjoying seeing what outfit they come up with on the golf course and silly games they may play – an example of good friendship that helps support one another as individuals and as couples.