Who is Mark Normand’s Girlfriend?


Mark Normand’s comedy career has taken him around the United States and worldwide. He has appeared on shows such as Conan and Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show; additionally he released a comedy special called Out to Lunch.

Who is Mark Normand's Girlfriend?
Who is Mark Normand's Girlfriend? 2

Mae Planert, a Manhattan-based comedian, and Mark Normand are in a relationship, enjoying each other’s signature sense of humor and together creating happiness without children.

Mark Normand and Mae Planert’s Relationship

Mae Planert, Mark Normand’s partner and comedian herself is also very open about their romance; regularly posting pictures together on both of their official Instagram accounts and joining him at performances as his date. Planert regularly attends comedy gigs of her husband.

Before she met Mark, Mae wasn’t involved with comedy – only beginning her journey after Mark joined her comedy act later on. At first she was reluctant to openly acknowledge her comedy endeavors as she worried people might attribute its success solely to him.

Mark and she first met at one of his shows while out with another man in 2015. Afterward, she told her roommate about it and her friend advised her to contact him; after doing so he soon asked her out on a date; since then they have been in a relationship.

Mark Normand and Mae Planert’s Marriage

Comedians tend to attract public scrutiny, and Mae Planert is no different; her relationship with Mark Normand has received much of this scrutiny.

Mae and Normand first met each other in New York around 2015. While on a date with another person, Mae decided to attend Normand’s concert instead – after watching him perform she couldn’t stop thinking about him and went home and told her roommate that she needed to contact Normand.

Mae decided to take up stand-up comedy but remained secretive about her new endeavor until six months later, when both were booked onto a comedy show! He eventually discovered it when Mae got invited back onstage as well!

Since then, Mae has shared details of their traditional wedding ceremony on her Tuesday With Stories podcast – detailing it was an extremely joyous affair featuring many comedians as guests!

Mark Normand and Mae Planert’s Kids

Mae Planert, a professional comic, has performed at numerous venues around the United States and on television shows such as The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. Her humorous genre-bending gags have led some people to speculate she may be LGBT; she denies such claims however.

Mae first encountered Mark Normand in 2015 at a comedy show she attended while on a date with someone else. Later she told her roommate about being unable to stop thinking about him and was advised by them to send a message his way – and so began their incredible romance!

Mae has since pursued a career in stand-up comedy while keeping her relationship with Mark under wraps from the public eye. She has performed at several acclaimed comedy clubs and even been featured on Comedy Central website. Additionally, Mae works at Octoly as director of brand partnerships, hosting podcasts like We WeerHad and Risque Business News Podcast; in November 2022 they married each other in New Orleans.

Mark Normand and Mae Planert’s Personal Life

Mae Planert is an up-and-coming comedian showcasing her humor at NYC comedy clubs and podcasts alike. She has appeared in We Were Had and Risque Business News podcasts and can regularly be found at Group Chat Show and Bitches Brew Comedy venues in NYC.

Graduate of Roger Williams University with a Bachelor of Arts in media studies. She began working in marketing and branding before transitioning into stand-up comedy writing and performance – initially keeping this part of her life from Mark as not to seem like they were riding his coattails.

Mae and Mark have been happily married and living together in Brooklyn since 2015. When not traveling or spending quality time with Mae and Bitches (their cats), they like spending time traveling together. Mae and Mark try to maintain separate lives professionally and personally in order to help develop their individual styles as individuals while working more cohesively as a team.

Mark Normand
– Comedian, appeared on Conan and Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show
– Released comedy special “Out to Lunch”
Mae Planert
– Comedian, performed on Colbert and Fallon shows
– Works at Octoly, director of brand partnerships
– Hosts podcasts and performs at NYC comedy clubs
– Holds a Bachelor of Arts in media studies
– Married Mark Normand in 2022
– Maintains separate personal and professional lives

Conclusion: Mark Normand and Mae Planert, both successful comedians, maintain a loving relationship while pursuing their individual careers in comedy. Mae, an accomplished comedian in her own right, joined the comedy world independently and has contributed significantly to the field while being married to Mark.