Who is Larry Wheels’ Girlfriend? Know more about his personal life


Larry Wheels is currently focused on his bodybuilding career. Following his separation from Nicole, he has not been seen with anyone that fans might mistake for being his new girlfriend; and furthermore has not generated any reports regarding relationships or even possible new encounters.

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Who is Larry Wheels' Girlfriend? Know more about his personal life 2

Professional powerlifter Nicole has amassed an ardent following on social media and YouTube, who closely follow his movements. However, when she began making videos without mentioning her boyfriend it triggered suspicion among his supporters.

PersonLarry WheelsNicole DrinkwaterJen SelterChelsea King
Current StatusFocused on bodybuilding careerSeparated from Larry WheelsPossibly separated from Larry WheelsSeparated from Larry Wheels
Relationship HistoryDated Nicole since 2019Dated Larry since 2019Dated Larry for several monthsDated Larry before Nicole
Recent ActivityNot seen with a new girlfriend, no relationship rumorsNot seen with Larry, triggering suspicionNo confirmation of the breakupSigns suggesting separation
Professional CareerProfessional powerlifterInfluential model and social media influencerSocial media personality, fitness model, and fitness app creatorPrevious relationship with Larry Wheels
Support SystemSupported each other, respectfulSupported each other, respectfulStated to remain supportive as friendsRelationship ended
Public ConfirmationNo evidence of a new relationshipNo public confirmation of breakupNo confirmation of the breakupNo public confirmation of breakup
Diet & TrainingTrains six days a week, powerlifting and isolation trainingNot mentionedNot mentionedNot mentioned
Social Media PresenceLarge following on Instagram, shares training videosActive on social mediaActive on social mediaNot mentioned
BackgroundGrew up in the Bronx, overcame poverty and hungerNot mentionedNot mentionedNot mentioned

Nicole Drinkwater

Nicole Drinkwater is an influential American model and social media influencer, best known as Larry Wheels’ partner on YouTube and bodybuilding YouTube channel Body By Larry (By Larry being the world record holder for powerlifting). Since 2019, Nicole and Larry have been dating, providing each other support in different circumstances, and sharing various experiences together.

This couple shares many interests and enjoys watching videos together. They’ve been an incredible support system to one another and stood firm against any claims of abuse from former partners. Furthermore, they respect each other immensely and remain supportive of friends alike.

But it appears as though they have parted ways recently, although no date of separation is certain. They have not been seen together recently and he has not posted about her on his Instagram account – both signs that the couple may no longer be in a relationship.

Jen Selter

Jen Selter is an immensely popular American social media personality and fitness model, first making waves as a bodybuilding enthusiast before branching out to social media fame and fitness modeling. Jen also boasts her own fitness app called Fitplan that’s been extremely well-received among her many devoted followers.

She has been part of the celebrity world since she was young, working tirelessly towards achieving her goals and encouraging followers through motivational posts.

She was previously dating professional powerlifter Larry Wheels; their romance began in 2019 and they had been together almost two years when Nicole began posting videos omitting Larry from them. It seems they may have recently broken up since Nicole no longer features Larry in any YouTube videos she posts; Jen has yet to confirm the breakup but has given various cues supporting their separation; furthermore, she stated she will remain supportive as friends even though their relationship has ended.

Chelsea King

Larry Wheels has always been devoted to powerlifting as his career, striving to become one of the best. This dedication earned him much acclaim among fans, yet since his breakup with Nicole he has not been seen with anyone new.

Before Larry Wheels fell for Drinkwater, he was dating Chelsea King for several months – until she accused him of abuse and ended their relationship.

Relationships between them began to decline after this incident and they decided to part ways, though neither party has announced this publicly as of yet. However, Wheels has given several signs that suggest she and he have parted ways.

Who Is the New Girlfriend of Larry Wheels?

Since Larry Wheels and Nicole Drinkwater parted ways, there has been no evidence of him with anyone whom his fans could assume as his new partner. Additionally, no relationship rumors have surfaced online so it seems safe to assume he remains single at this time.


A bodybuilder has been diligent in his effort to maintain his physique. He trains six days per week using powerlifting movements and isolation training; additionally, he consumes mostly vegetables and lean meats with occasional treats such as jelly sandwiches or peanut butter and jelly Pop-Tarts.

He has amassed a large following on Instagram and regularly shares videos of him training with his friends, serving as an inspiration to many. A popular figure in bodybuilding, he is well-regarded for his strength. Growing up in the Bronx meant familiarizing himself with poverty and hunger at an early age.