Who Is Karlous Miller’s Girlfriend? Know more about his personal life


Karlous Miller has long been a name to know in the entertainment world, serving as both an American comedian and actor. Due to his fame, speculations regarding his personal life have also surfaced.

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Who Is Karlous Miller's Girlfriend? Know more about his personal life 2

People are naturally curious about the dating lives of celebrities; however, Karlous Miller prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight and focus on his career goals instead.

PersonKarlous MillerAshima FranklinKeisha ColeLea MicheleHamzi Hijazi
CareerComedian, actor, rapperNot mentionedNot mentionedActress, singerNot mentioned
Personal LifePrivate about personal lifeShares a son named Austin with Ashima FranklinCurrently not engaged in romantic relationsDating an unknown individual according to reportsPrivate about personal life
Notable AchievementsRoles on Wild ‘N Out, The 85 South Show, podcasts, and comedy toursNot mentionedNot mentionedRole in Glee, Emmy nominationsBrief stint on MTV’s Wild N Out
BackgroundBorn on April 2, 1983, African-American descentNot mentionedNot mentionedBorn on August 29, 1986Not mentioned
RelationshipsPrivate about past relationshipsCo-parenting son Austin with Ashima FranklinCurrently not datingDating an unknown individual according to reportsPrivate about personal life
FamilyRaised by Foster and Gravina Miller with five siblingsNot mentionedNot mentionedNot mentionedNot mentioned

Karlous Miller and Ashima Franklin

Karlous Miller is an American comedian and actor best known for his roles in Wild ‘N Out. In addition to that show, Karlous has appeared on other programs such as The 85 South Show, Yo Momma Hell Date and Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes?.

Karlous was born on April 2 in Oxford, Mississippi as an Aries. With strong personality traits like independence and natural leadership skills, he thrives at pushing himself further than anyone. An outspoken critic of racism who uses comedy to raise awareness on racial issues.

Miller has had various relationships in the past and remains relatively private about them all. Currently single, he’s focused his energy solely on his career despite hearing various rumors regarding his personal life; some of these can be taken at face value while some should be taken with a grain of salt. Miller shares one son named Austin with Ashima Franklin (another comedian).

Karlous Miller and Keisha Cole

Celebrities often find themselves embroiled in controversy regarding their personal lives, particularly regarding romance. When possible, however, celebrities attempt to keep this information out of public view and remain discreet about it all.

Karlous Miller is an American comedian and actor best known for his roles on Wild ‘N Out and The 85 South Show television programs. Additionally, his podcast and comedy tours have made him well-known.

Miller has gained quite a following despite keeping his personal life under wraps, with fans wondering whether or not he is dating anyone. According to sources, Miller is currently not engaged in romantic relations but instead focusing on his career goals.

Karlous Miller and Lea Michele

Karlous Miller is an esteemed comedian best known for his appearances on shows such as Wild ‘N Out and The 85 South Show, popular podcasts, and comedy tours. At present, he prefers keeping his personal life private but there have been reports suggesting he may be dating an unknown individual.

Lea Michele Sarfati was born on August 29th, 1986. She is best known for her role as Rachel Berry on Glee, for which she received two nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series as well as numerous other awards and recognition.

According to reports, the couple is still co-parenting Austin together – a positive indicator of whether or not they can work things out and provide their child with a stable home environment. They could even decide to rekindle their romance in the future.

Karlous Miller and Hamzi Hijazi

Karlous Miller is an acclaimed American comedian, actor, and rapper best known for his brief stint on MTV improv comedy show Wild N Out. Although only appearing for two episodes on this program, Karlous made quite an impactful statement to viewers about themselves as an entertainer. Other popular performances of Karlous’ include Hell Date, Yo Momma Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes The Mo’nique Show Off the Chain Comic View Last Comic Standing among others.

At present, the comedian prefers to keep his personal life private; however, he shares a son with former partner Ashima Franklin.


Born on 2 April 1983, Miller hails from African-American descent. Raised by Foster and Gravina Miller with five siblings, Miller also worked as a firefighter before transitioning into security guarding and writing/music as his passions; crediting them with helping to encourage creativity within him.