Who is Juju Smith Schuster’s Girlfriend?


Juju Smith-Schuster is one of the premier wide receivers in the NFL, thrilling fans and media alike with his incredible touchdowns. Unfortunately, however, rumors regarding his personal life have surfaced recently. Mia Khalifa has recently surfaced as the latest potential partner of Pittsburgh Steelers player Chris Boswell via social media, reaching out to him through Twitter.

Juju Smith Girlfriend
Who is Juju Smith Schuster's Girlfriend? 2

Alessandra Gesiotto

Juju Smith Schuster is no stranger to being in the public eye as an NFL player and he is constantly being subject to questions regarding his romantic life. Although Juju prefers not discussing it openly in public, whispers about Alessandra Gesiotto being involved has caused quite a buzz within media circles.

Alessandra Gesiotto hails from Ohio with Italian heritage. After graduating Pepperdine University in 2021, she currently works as Head of Marketing at The Non Fungible Times as well as being Madison Gesiotto Gilbert’s younger sister who is both an attorney and political candidate.

Although she does not wish to disclose her relationship status, Alessandra is an excellent friend of Juju’s and posts pictures of his dog often on her Instagram feed. They were seen together at Craig’s Restaurant celebrating Alessandra’s birthday; however there have been no confirmed reports regarding an ongoing romantic relationship.

Rheannon Guy

Rheannon Guy is an attractive model who is currently dating NFL star JuJu Smith Schuster. She is known as being a genuine person with great social skills. Rheannon makes for an ideal WAG choice and could become one of her own household names!

Due to her biological father being less involved in her life, she decided to change her last name in honor of her stepfather. She graduated from Jackson High School before going on to Pepperdine University.

She has served as a source of guidance and motivation to many young women. She has amassed considerable wealth through modeling, acting, voiceover work for videos, and YouTube channels – which she hopes will become successful ventures. With an optimistic view on life and a willingness to try new things without hesitation or fear – her videos have received millions of views online! In addition to being a professional career, she’s an ardent mother and wife.

Mia Khalifa

Juju Smith Schuster is a professional football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers. After attending USC and being selected in the second round of 2017 NFL Draft, he was selected in round two as part of his professional contract. Rumors surrounding Juju’s romantic life are prevalent; however he has not made an official statement concerning any potential relationships.

Recently, Mia Khalifa posted about her admiration of Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster via social media. While this seemed harmless enough at first, Smith-Schuster swiftly shut down any attempts from Mia to reach him through social media by responding with humorous gifs that made clear that he wasn’t interested in talking with her at all.

Khalifa Khalifa, known for her adult film roles and hosting of sports show “Out of Bounds”, made headlines when she entered into an intimate romantic relationship with rapper Jhay Cortez until they parted ways in 2022, posting mysterious TikTok and Twitter messages alluding to its toxic nature and alluding to potential issues within their union. She posted these cryptic messages alluding to issues within their romance on both platforms as an indicator.

John Sherman

Juju Smith Schuster has been involved in a few relationships but is yet to settle down and marry anyone. However, he has been the subject of numerous dating rumors; most notably with Alessandra Gesiotto whom he briefly dated recently but has yet to confirm their status publicly; she graduated Pepperdine University 2021 and currently heads marketing at The Non Fungible Times.

She is an advocate for mental health and involved in various charities. With a large following on TikTok and many people she has helped in need, she also enjoys participating in esports competitions and competed in several competitions herself.

John Sherman “Juju” Smith-Schuster is an NFL wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs. After playing college football at USC and being selected as one of three second round draft picks by Pittsburgh Steelers for 2017 NFL Draft, Smith-Schuster established himself with his popularity both socially and in terms of esports etiquette. He holds several NFL records while becoming known for his social media presence and passion for esports.

JuJu Smith-SchusterNFL Wide ReceiverRumored relationships with Alessandra Gesiotto, Rheannon Guy, Mia Khalifa; none confirmed.
Alessandra GesiottoHead of Marketing, The Non Fungible TimesClose friend of JuJu Smith-Schuster, no confirmed romantic relationship.
Rheannon GuyModel, Actress, YouTuberDating JuJu Smith-Schuster, involved in various ventures including modeling, acting, and YouTube.
Mia KhalifaFormer Adult Film Actress, Sports HostAdmired JuJu Smith-Schuster on social media, no romantic relationship confirmed. Previously dated rapper Jhay Cortez.
John ShermanNFL Wide Receiver, Kansas City ChiefsNotably popular in esports, involved in social media, no confirmed relationships.

Despite the rumors surrounding JuJu Smith-Schuster’s romantic life, no confirmed relationships have been announced. The NFL star remains private amidst media speculation.