Eddie Lucas is an American television personality famous? Let us know about Eddie Lucas’s Girlfriend’s story

Eddie Lucas has been in the cast of Below Deck from the start and Bravo viewers have loved watching Lucas’s professional and personal lives develop over the years. Let us find out more about Eddie Lucas’ Girlfriends.

Who is Eddie Lucas? 

Eddie is an American television personality who is famous for appearing in the reality television series Below Deck. Just from the start, he has become everyone’s favorite. 

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Eddie Lucas is a reality television star (Reality Titbit)

However, he did not return for the fourth season because he was having relationship issues with his girlfriend back home. Since 2013 Eddie as an original cast. Since leaving the reality series he is leading a low-key life and has revealed nothing about his career. 

Is Eddie Lucas’ mystery girlfriend season 3’s Amy?

During season 3 of Below Deck, Eddie was seen having a relationship with a woman called ‘Amy’. However, we never really got to know much about his girlfriend Amy. It is the same girl that Eddie dated before he worked on Below Deck. 

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Eddie Lucas with his previous girlfriend Amy (Bravo TV)

However, the moment he chose not to return for season 4 because of relationship problems with Amy as the long distance became too much for the pair. Viewers of the show who remember Amy have been wondering if his new girlfriend is the Amy they heard about on Below Deck

According to Reality Titbit Eddie’s new girlfriend is not the Amy he was seeing during season 3 a new lady. Eddie confirmed he broke up with Amy, and it ended “worse than ever”,

Who is Eddie Lucas’ Girlfriend now?

For months several viewers have been wondering if Eddie Lucas is in a relationship or not. So the answer is yes he is in a relationship. He announced his new relationship on his Instagram account on the 20th of January 2022. He shared a photo with his girlfriend, telling followers that he had been quiet as they had bought a house together.

Eddie Lucas
Eddie Lucas with his new girlfriend (Instagram)

However, he didn’t tag his girlfriend in the post which is a clear sign that he wants to keep her identity private from the fans. The fans and the viewers were thrilled with the news and showered the post with likes and comments. The post received over 39k likes and 1k comments.

One Instagram user commented: “Congratulations! May this new chapter be so unbelievably beautiful, as well as the memories made here”. Another user said: “Congratulations!! You deserve it!!”.

Fans also commented on his girlfriend’s looks, one said: “She is so pretty! I’m rooting for you future Captain!”.

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