Who is Daniel Penny? What happened to Jordan Neely?


On May 6th, 2023, New York City was shocked by the tragic death of 23-year-old Jordan Neely, who was killed in a subway station after being placed in a chokehold.

Who is Daniel Penny? Who killed Jordan Neely?

The incident occurred at the Crown Heights-Utica Avenue station in Brooklyn, and the suspect responsible for Neely’s death is Daniel Penny, a 31-year-old former Marine. This article will delve into who Daniel Penny is and what happened to Jordan Neely.

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Who is Daniel Penny? What happened to Jordan Neely? 6

Who is Daniel Penny?

Daniel Penny is a former Marine who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. After leaving the military, he worked as a private security contractor overseas. In 2020, Penny moved to New York City and started working as a bouncer at a bar in Brooklyn. He was reportedly well-liked by his colleagues and was known for his calm demeanor and professionalism.

What happened to Jordan Neely?

Jordan Neely was a 23-year-old man who lived in Brooklyn. On the night of May 6th, 2023, Neely was in the Crown Heights-Utica Avenue subway station when he got into an altercation with Penny. According to witnesses, Neely was jumping turnstiles and acting erratically. Penny attempted to detain him, and the situation quickly escalated. Penny put Neely in a chokehold, and Neely lost consciousness. Emergency services were called, but Neely was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Who is Daniel Penny? What happened to Jordan Neely? 7

Penny was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and strangulation. He was arraigned on May 9th and is currently being held without bail. If convicted, Penny could face up to 25 years to life in prison.

The aftermath of the incident

The death of Jordan Neely has sparked outrage and protests in Brooklyn and beyond. Neely’s family and friends have called for justice and for Penny to be held accountable for his actions. The incident has also reignited debates around police brutality and the use of force by law enforcement.

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Who is Daniel Penny? What happened to Jordan Neely? 8

Penny’s family has spoken out in his defense, stating that he was just doing his job and trying to keep people safe. They have also expressed sympathy for Neely’s family and the pain they are going through. However, many have criticized Penny’s actions, arguing that he went too far and used excessive force.

The case has also raised questions about the training and qualifications of private security personnel. Unlike police officers, private security contractors are not required to undergo the same level of training and certification. Critics argue that this lack of regulation can lead to incidents like the one that occurred at the Crown Heights-Utica Avenue station.

The future of the case

The case against Daniel Penny is still ongoing, and it is unclear what the outcome will be. The prosecution will have to prove that Penny’s actions were unreasonable and that he had no right to use deadly force. The defense may argue that Penny was acting in self-defense or that he was following the protocol for detaining a suspect.

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Who is Daniel Penny? What happened to Jordan Neely? 9

The case is likely to be a long and complicated one, and it may be months or even years before a verdict is reached. In the meantime, Jordan Neely’s family and friends continue to mourn his loss, and many in the community are calling for justice.


The death of Jordan Neely has shocked and saddened many in New York City and beyond. While the case against Daniel Penny is still ongoing, it has already raised important questions about the use of force by private security personnel and the need for more regulation and oversight. Whatever the outcome of the trial, it is clear that the impact of this tragic incident will be felt for a long time to come.

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