Maya Benberry: Catching Kelce Winner the ex-girlfriend of Christian Wood


Here is everything you should know about the ex-girlfriend of Christian Wood who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Christian Wood ex-girlfriend
Christian Wood ex-girlfriend

Christian Wood’s NBA journey has taken him from Charlotte Hornets to Philadelphia 76ers and then Dallas Mavericks and now to Los Angeles Lakers. While his hard work and dedication have paid off, there has also been his share of setbacks along the way.

Wood was heartbroken after being overlooked by multiple NBA teams on draft night 2015. As a result, his girlfriend abandoned him.

Christian Wood ex-girlfriend Maya Benberry

Maya Benberry has enjoyed a flourishing career as a TV personality, model, actress and social media influencer. She rose to prominence following her victory on E!’s dating reality series Catching Kelce in 2016. However, their relationship was not without drama: Maya accused NFL star Jason Kelce of cheating with sports broadcaster Kayla Nicole via several now deleted tweets that have since been deleted by him.

Christian Wood faced an uphill struggle in 2015 after not being selected by the NBA Draft. He attributed it to his immature reputation, which followed him even after it ended. In an interview with The Ringer he stated that a change was required in his attitude.

It seems unlikely that Rockets center, Maya Woods is in danger of losing her place on the team. She has recently been dropping subtle hints that she and Woods may be back together; including showing off her new hairstyle on social media.

Full NameMaya Benberry
CareerTV personality, model, actress, social media influencer
Claim to FameWinner of E!’s dating reality series Catching Kelce (2016)
Relationship DramaAccused NFL star Jason Kelce of cheating with Kayla Nicole via deleted tweets
Christian Wood’s Ex-girlfriendDated Christian Wood during his NBA journey and breakup after going undrafted in 2015
Current StatusHinted at a possible reunion with Christian Wood on social media

Christian Wood’s Ex-Girlfriends

Being an elite athlete who makes millions can open doors to beautiful women around the globe, yet also bring with it many complications and hardships. Christian Wood has experienced this personally over the past five years; however, he appears to be finally finding some stability.

After an outstanding college career at UNLV, Wood anticipated hearing his name called on draft night in 2015; unfortunately he was disregarded by all but one team – with devastating repercussions: his girlfriend dumped him shortly thereafter, leaving him devastated.

Wood then spent time with both the Philadelphia 76ers and their affiliate team, Delaware 87ers, before returning to Houston Rockets this season as an active player. Moreover, he participated in NBA Summer League with Charlotte Hornets, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers as well as remaining positive throughout his journey.


Maya Benberry, a TV personality and influencer, gained fame through her appearance on Catching Kelce but found herself in the midst of relationship drama with NFL star Jason Kelce. Meanwhile, Christian Wood’s basketball journey took him from heartbreak to becoming a prominent player in the NBA