Bradley Martyn is an internet influencer, fitness instructor and social media celebrity who posts updates of his fitness journey on YouTube. His videos have gained widespread acclaim among fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

Bradley Martyn
Bradley Martyn

Martyn has kept a relatively low profile when it comes to his personal life, which has caused much speculation regarding his romantic status. Nonetheless, his focus lies in his career and encouraging followers to live healthy lifestyles.

PersonProfession/ContentYouTube SubscribersPersonal LifeNotable Relationships
Bradley MartynYouTuber, Fitness Instructor, Bodybuilder3 Million+Keeps personal life private– Kara Corey (2015-2017)
Sara SaffariInstagram Fitness Influencer1 Million+Private about personal life, speculationsSpeculated connection with Bradley Martyn
Kara CoreyFitness Model and CoachDated Bradley Martyn (2015-2017)
Ava CowanFitness Model and Social Media InfluencerNot known to be in a relationshipSpeculated connection with Bradley Martyn
Noelle LeyvaFitness InfluencerProfessional relationship with Bradley Martyn
Robin GallantFitness Model and Social Media InfluencerNot known to be in a relationship

Sara Saffari

Sara Saffari is an Instagram fitness influencer with over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Her videos and vlogs have attracted the interest of companies such as Gym Shark and Raw Gear; her YouTube channel boasts over one million. Often she teams up with Bradley Martyn – one of the leading fitness coaches – whose clips are widely shared among fans due to their great chemistry together.

She remains private about her personal life, with many speculating she may be dating Martyn but neither party have officially confirmed it. This has left many followers curious as they search for information about their connection – leading them to search online and at various media sources for answers about who or what might be involved in any romantic relationship between the pair.

Saffari Saffari is an Instagram influencer and exercise advocate from America. She publishes workout photos to her social media platforms as well as YouTube vlogs; with over one million followers on TikTok alone she is well known in the fitness industry and can often be found featuring on popular fitness YouTube channels.

YouTube viewers have watched her videos over 25 million times and she boasts over 3 million Instagram followers. As a fitness expert featured in multiple fitness magazines and a sought-after speaker, she holds multiple certifications such as nutritionist, trainer, and yoga instructor – she’s earned millions of fans thanks to her ripped physique which is an inspiration to many people around her.

Kara Corey

Bradley Martyn is an American YouTuber, fitness influencer and bodybuilder who documents his workouts on various social media platforms. Additionally, he owns both a fitness studio and meal prep service; these businesses boast over 17 million combined followers online and an estimated net worth of $4 Million.

Martyn has attracted fans worldwide due to his mysterious and alluring personality, never providing details of his personal life and leaving many speculations and questions regarding romantic matters unanswered. Though there have been high-profile relationships for Martyn in his past, they remain unknown and under wraps.

In 2015, he began an intimate romance with Kara Corey, another fitness model and coach. They often posted pictures together on social media but their relationship ultimately came to an end in 2017, although the cause for its end remains unknown.

Martyn hasn’t ruled out dating again in the future; his fans are eager to know about any potential partners for him to date. With an active social media presence and strong popularity ratings, fans are keen to hear updates regarding Martyn’s love life.

Martyn will often post videos and tweets with provocative titles like, “Dating Nikki Blackketter” or “Dating Sofia Franklyn,” but these seem more like clickbait content rather than actual dating relationships – though reports indicate he was linked with Ava Cowan and Robin Gallant at one time.

Ava Cowan

Ava Cowan, who hails from Los Angeles, California is an influential fitness model and social media influencer known for her lean physique and year-round abs. A keen runner, she uses YouTube as an outlet to share workout videos – she often collaborates with Bradley Martyn of ZooCulture Gym fame; which boasts celebrity clientele.

Bradley Martyn is known for keeping his personal life private and has yet to publicly confirm any romantic relationships. He earns money through online training programs, supplements and sponsorships; as well as his social media channels where he makes significant amounts from advertisements. In addition, he owns Zoo Culture gym as well as Rawear fitness apparel line; additionally he was the creator of BMFIT program as well as several other fitness brands.

Recently, he caused speculation by posting an Instagram photo with fitness influencer Noelle Leyva; however, in his podcast he made it clear that their relationship is strictly professional as Leyva is a signed athlete for Rawear brand clothing which Rawear oversees her management for.

Though they have both exercised together at the same facility and even appeared in each other’s vlogs, neither have directly denied any romantic link between them. Both parties have made clear they remain just friends and co-workers.

Robin Gallant

Bradley Martyn has amassed an immense social media following thanks to his commitment to fitness and his desire to motivate others. Additionally, he’s an established entrepreneur and owner of Zoo Culture gym in Nottingham. Additionally, his workout videos and workout vlogs have garnered him much fame within his field and he’s become a respected expert.

He’s become famous for his jaw-dropping gym stunts, often lifting extremely heavy weights while balancing himself in risky positions. These impressive displays not only entertain his followers but also serve as a great challenge in the gym – he currently boasts over 4 Million Instagram followers and 3 Million YouTube subscribers!


Bradley Martyn remains single despite his success and high profile status, though there has been no public discussion regarding his romantic relationships. It seems likely he prefers keeping them private.

Rumors swirling that Martyn may be dating various women such as Ava Cowan, Nikki Blackketter and Sofia Franklyn have been disproven by Martyn who has denied being romantically involved with any of these ladies as well as celebrity trainer and MMA fighter Amanda Cerny (reportedly). Additionally he owns a 2.5 year-old pitbull named Apollo who frequently features on social media accounts alongside workout routines, nutrition tips and lifestyle advice shared on his channel.