Bad Chad Customs is a popular show on the Discovery channel that centres around Bad Chad. But who is Bad Chad’s wife?

Bad Chad Customs is a show on Discovery based on creating cars in a small auto body shop in a rural town where Chad Hiltz is the real star of the show who is also popularly known as “Bad Chad”. 

Who is “Bad Chad”?

Bad Chad is famous for creating cars out of ordinary materials and scrap metal. Although they are working vehicles, they’re more like art pieces that are once-in-a-kind work enough to amaze you. 

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Chad Hiltz aka Bad Chad is the star of the popular show Bad Chad Customs (Amazon)

This car construction shows Bad Chad Customs takes place at Hiltz Auto Company which is owned by Chad Hiltz aka “ Bad Chad.”

His greatest talent is that he uses basic tools and relies upon his creativity to build something amazing. As the show progressed we got to know that one of the cast members is Chad’s fiancee Jolene. Let us find out more about Chad’s wife.

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Who is Bad Chad’s Wife?

The name of Bad Chad’s wife is Jolene MacIntyre who is the business manager of Hiltz Auto Company and also runs the company along with her husband Chad Hiltz. 

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Jolene Macintyre is the wife of Bad Chad (Discovery)

Jolene was born on 1989 in Centreville, Nova Scotia. She graduated with Commerce in Finance from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada. It made total sense that Jolene would then lend a hand to her new boyfriend, helping him out with the business side of Hiltz Auto Company.

She also ran the social media of the company and was also a former soccer player. 

This is what Jolene said about working with Chad,

“I spent a year investing my time in self-promoting what Chad does here. When Chad started building me a replica of the $40 million Bugatti that Ralph Lauren owns I wanted the world to see how remarkable it was.”

Bad Chad Wife
Bad Chad’s wife Jolene is the business manager of the company (Instagram)

Jolene started a career as a Supervisor at a Golf Resort in Centreville and worked with Pool Hall in New Minas as Wait Staff before joining Chad Hiltz in his company. 

She met Chad at the Annual Rockability Weekend Car Show at the Pool Hall. Chad built a Custom Bugatti for Jolene worth USD 40 million in a year. The couple also has a youtube channel in name of “Bad Chad.”

Jolene has around 29K followers on Instagram and is continuously growing with the popularity of the show. 

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