Who exactly is Little Jimmy? Where is he now?


There are specific stories In WWE that creates a lot of havoc. Unfortunately, the same is the case with Little Jimmy

WWE Superstar R-Truth is the greatest 24/7 Champion of all time. He had his imaginary kid friend Little Jimmy, one of the hilarious acts on WWE TV. Let us know more about Little Jimmy.

R-Truth with Little Jimmy on WWE (WWE)

Who is Little Jimmy?

When R-Truth started this new gimmick during the 2011 feud with the then WWE Champion John Cena. He harassed a young fan and his father on RAW and threw a cup of soda on the father’s face. Next week on RAW, R-Truth came with a song about “Little Jimmy” and apologized for his actions. 

The Little Jimmy song was a reference to the children sitting in the audience. The gimmick got so popular among the fans that R-Truth pretended to have an imaginary friend with him all the time. 

However, R-Truth later revealed that Little Jimmy was actually created by Vince McMahon to punish him as he caught him smoking a cigarette on TV. 


Where is he now?

R-Truth recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump, where he revealed that Little Jimmy is locked up in the Juvenile camp, and they are collecting money to get him out.

“It’s embarrassing, you know, man. It’s like, bro, he done got locked up man.. in juvenile camp. So it’s like we taking up money now to get him out. Bro, he just went down the wrong path like a lot of kids, and a lot of them get influenced and peer pressured by a lot of different stuff and different people and stuff around him and things like that. He just got peer pressured and influenced by the wrong things, man. We gonna get him out and get him back the right way, you know what I’m saying? Get him back to the light. Some people need a lot of guidance, man, you know what I’m saying?”

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