Who are Ons Jabeur’s parents? Know all about the Tennis star’s family


Here’s everything you need to know about the parents and family of Tunisian Tennis star Ons Jabeur

Ons Jabeur hails from Ksar Hellal, a small Tunisian town, and spent her early years in the nearby coastal town of Sousse. Born to Samira and Ridha Jabeur, she grew up with two older brothers, Hatem and Marwen, and an older sister named Yasmine.

Ons’ tennis journey was ignited by her mother, who played the sport recreationally and introduced her to it at the tender age of three. At the age of twelve, Ons Jabeur made a pivotal move to Tunis, Tunisia’s capital, where she honed her skills at the Lycée Sportif El Menzah, a national sports high school known for nurturing the country’s emerging athletic talent, and continued her training there for several years.

Ons Jabeur vs Tatjana Maria
Ons Jabeur celebrates a win (Twitter)

Jabeur credits her parents for the sacrifices they made while raising her. She mentioned that her mom used to drive her to various tournaments in Tunisia and encouraged her to attend a special school. She described it as a significant sacrifice to support her pursuit of a dream that wasn’t entirely guaranteed. She expressed that her mother believed in her and provided her with the confidence to pursue that dream.

Jabeur adheres to the Islamic faith, and during tournaments, she sometimes adapts her routines to accommodate Ramadan. She is wedded to Karim Kamoun, a former fencer of Russian-Tunisian heritage who has served as her fitness coach since mid-2017. In 2019, Ons Jabeur was honored with the Arab Woman of the Year Award in the sports category, in acknowledgment of her notable accomplishments. These achievements encompassed advancing to the third round of the US Open and establishing herself as a consistently ranked player within the top 100 that year.

Ons Jabeur’s Father – Ridha Jabeur

Ridha Jabeur is the father of Ons Jabeur. While Samira Jabeur introduced her daughter to tennis, Ridha Jabeur consistently encouraged Ons to engage in extracurricular activities. He had a strong belief that his daughter would excel in sports, having observed her early interest in tennis discussions with her mother and her diligent efforts in collecting tennis balls during practice. Ridha also provided unwavering support for Ons’ education. Ons even dedicated time to studying on airplanes while traveling, as she made her training a priority and needed time for recovery.

Ons Jabeur with her parents
Ons Jabeur with her parents (Reddit)

Ons Jabeur’s Mother – Samira Jabeur

Samira Jabeur is the mother of Ons Jabeur, and she has played a pivotal role in her daughter’s prosperous tennis career. On the tennis court, Ons sometimes grapples with controlling her emotions, but her mother, Samira, has consistently been there to provide support and motivation. Samira has been a strong and positive influence in her daughter’s life, always striving to make Ons’ tennis journey as smooth as possible.

In addition to her parents, Ridha Jabeur and Samira Jabeur, Ons has two older brothers, Hatem and Marwen, as well as an older sister named Yasmine in her family.

Ons Jabeur mother
Ons Jabeur mother (Instagram)

Ons Jabeur is an icon for Arab-African women

Ons Jabeur has faced challenges in replicating the success of her previous year. Despite coming very close to clinching her first Grand Slam victory at SW19, she narrowly missed that milestone. Nonetheless, reaching the Wimbledon final is a remarkable feat, and she has achieved this twice. Even though she hasn’t secured the title on either occasion, her accomplishment is of tremendous significance as she became the first Arab-African player to reach the final. Fondly known as the ‘Minister of Happiness,’ Ons is widely cherished in Tunisia. Her warm and friendly personality has endeared her to people over the years, making her a beloved and respected figure.

ons jabeur net worth
Ons Jabeur

In her own words, Jabeur defines herself as “a proud Tunisian woman,” and this pride is clearly reflected in her actions. She carries a profound sense of honor in being a representative of her country and community. Jabeur takes her role as an inspiration for women and children with tennis aspirations very seriously. Rather than viewing it as a burden, she finds immense joy and considers it a significant duty. Jabeur remains dedicated to forging her unique path and setting an example for those who may wish to follow in her footsteps.

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