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From our Whiteout Survival beginners guide, you can learn the best strategies and kickstart a successful journey.

Whiteout Survival is an idle survival and simulation game from the team Century Games Pte Limited. In this 4x survival adventure, you play with survivors in a cold region. The entire location is filled with ice and snow. Surviving in the game is never easy as you have to find resources to craft a meal and shelter. Once the energy and appetite levels of survivors go down, it will be very challenging in the snowy plains.

The major features of Whiteout Survival are chapter missions, boss fights against beasts and more story quests. The game has been launched for mobile and pc. Whiteout Survival takes survivors through a glacial-themed region. Here, you have to use both strategy and skills to overcome the cold weather and dangerous beasts. As a beginner in Whiteout Survival, it’s important to know some essential tips as much as you need to know in . Here’s our Whiteout Survival beginners guide along with the best tricks and strategies.

Whiteout Survival Beginners Guide & Walkthrough

Whiteout Survival is a strategy-based survival adventure game. You have to understand the key techniques to overcome all challenges in the glacier. Here are the best beginners tips and tricks to play Whiteout,

Build a Cook House

Cook House is essential in Whiteout Survival. Survivors can’t survive without soup, meal and meat. You have to craft a Cook House in the settlements. The required resources are Wood and Meat. Build a Cook House and manage your appetite. This is the first step before you take part in quests of Whiteout Survival.

Build a Shelter 

Shelter is an essential building in the game. Survivors in Whiteout Survival have plenty of tasks and they have to explore beyond the world. With a shelter, they can rest on the bed and keep their resources on desk and table. Use Wood and other resources to build your first shelter.

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Chapter missions in Whiteout Survival

Upgrade Shelter and Furnace

Upgrading shelter and furnace is essential for your progress. Once you reach higher Furnace level, you will start unlocking new chapters and missions. Complete chapter quests and earn exp to increase your Furnace level. Also, you have to upgrade shelter levels to unlock more beds and resources like coal mines.

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Recruit the Best Survivors

In Whiteout Survival, you have to hire the best survivors to your party. While you complete missions, you will be given an opportunity to accept survivors. You can proceed to accept only healthy survivors. You can also accept or reject everyone. The healthy survivors ensure they are not affected by climate change or other substances.

Use Your Resources Wisely

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Resources like Wood, Gems, Meat and Coal Mine are rare to find. They can be obtained by completing chapter quests in the game. Wood can be obtained from the Sawmill. You can get Meat and Gems from supply missions. Use these to train and upgrade your troops.

Build a Campfire

Survivors are vulnerable to cold. So, you have to increase the warmth in the town. You can build a Campfire, Tent or even upgrade Furnace levels to manage their health. With a Campfire, you can ensure survivors don’t get affected by cold temperatures. By increasing Furnace levels, you can build a Clinic as well.

Whiteout Survival beginners guide

Wilderness Exploration

The World tab on the bottom right takes you to this menu. Here, you can find plenty of in-game modes like Plunder, Hunting, Battle and Gather. These are side-quests and you will receive gems, meat and wood by defeating beasts and other enemies. In the Battle mode, you have to build a Sunfire Castle to be the next Supreme Chief.

Intel Missions

Intel Missions are main story missions. After reaching Furnace level 7, you can explore these Intel missions. Complete Intel missions to unlock premium rewards. With these rewards, you can boost your production rate in the Hunter’s Hut and Sawmill.

Check the In-game MailBox

All updates and notifications in Whiteout Survival will be available in the Mail. You can find the Mail tab on the bottom right. Tap the Mail icon and find the latest updates regarding wars, alliance, rewards, bugs and reports. You can check these regularly to claim freebies in the game.

Beware of the Storm

There will be a Snowstorm frequently. When there’s an alert for a Snowstorm, you have to look for objectives instantly and complete them to survive these storms. If you fail to survive the snowstorm, then you have to face the consequences and your survivors might lose their skills as well.

Our White Survival beginners guide includes the top tricks. Embark on your journey in the snow world with these simple strategies.

Is Whiteout Survival Good?

Whiteout Survival is an intense survival adventure. Here, you will play with survivors from various worlds. You have to start completing chapter missions which have objectives like building shelter, hiring survivors and crafting workbench. The game is all about surviving in the cold and crafting resources for missions.

Is Whiteout Survival free-to-play?

Yes, Whiteout Survival is a free-to-play game for Android and iOS. You can play this survival thriller game on PC and Mac through BlueStacks.

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