Which WWE and AEW stars are currently in relationships?


WWE and AEW might be enemies in the battle for ratings but that hasn’t stopped wrestlers from the companies being in relationships

The wrestling fraternity is certainly large enough thanks to the growth of brands such as AEW and Impact.

WWE isn’t the only big North American promotion and many stars have stuck to others in hopes of making a big name.

Rusev and Lana at WrestleMania 31
Which WWE and AEW stars are currently in relationships? 8

Of course, the constant travelling does take a toll on the stars and many end up being in a relationship within the organisation.

Many WWE stars are current in a relationship with co-workers. However, some of them are willing to date the enemy, so as to speak.

AEW and WWE are enemies on the ratings front but many are willing to bridge the gap. Some of them have even featured backstage while supporting their partners and here are the WWE and AEW stars currently in relationships.

1) Britt Baker and Adam Cole

One of the most well-known AEW-WWE pairs currently together. Adam Cole has been one of the best NXT stars ever since the brand was brought up and is a triple crown champion.

Adam Cole Britt Baker
Adam Cole and Britt Baker are two of the top stars in the wrestling business (Twitter)

He is part of the Undisputed Era and is regarded as a star for the present and the future. Britt Baker is currently starring on AEW as one of its top heels.

The Doctor, as Baker is called since she is a dentist, and the pair have been going strong. Both have also been seen on rival shows, but mostly in the stands supporting their other half.

2) Lana and Rusev

Another big AEW-WWE pair that most know about. Rusev and Lana actually got married while the pair were in WWE.

They met early on during their training days in WWE and their relationship further grew. WWE tried to use this in several angles too, like Bobby Lashley marrying Lana and accusing Rusev of cheating.

Rusev and Lana
Rusev and Lana have been together since the Bulgarian made his WWE debut in 2014 (Image credit: Getty)

However, the pair have remained strong, even after Rusev was released by the company and he joined AEW.

The pair constantly put up videos and posts on social media, and they seem to be enjoying their time.

3) Peyton Royce and Shawn Spears

There were great things expected from Shawn Spears (FKA Tye Dillinger) as he came through NXT and into the main WWE roster.

While WWE didn’t really use him well, Spears moved to AEW and has been involved in some great fights. On the other hand, his wife, Peyton Royce, is a former Tag Team Champion in WWE and also doing her bit as a bikini model.

Shawn Spears and Peyton Royce
Shawn Spears and Peyton Royce met in WWE (f4wonline)

Spears and Royce got married in 2019 and there are great things expected from Royce. It is to be seen what happens with Spears on AEW though as his profile was taken off the company after a rant.

4) Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona

This is a bit of a controversial inclusion into the list. Matt Cardona appeared on AEW for a few episodes but confirmed that it was only a limited deal.

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion and Tag Champion started dating current SmackDown star Chelsea Green in 2017.

Zack Ryder and Chelsea Green have been engaged since 2019
Zack Ryder and Chelsea Green have been engaged since 2019

The pair got engaged in 2019 but things haven’t been great for Green. She made her long awaited debut on SmackDown a few months back but broke her wrist.

Green was to feature at Survivor Series 2020 but will have to wait a bit before she gets back on track.

5) Big Swole and Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander is one of the news starring on Raw and the Tag Team champion is married to Big Swole of AEW.

Big Swole and Cedric Alexander
Cedric Alexander and Big Swole have a daughter (EWrestling)

Alexander and Swole go quite a way and they also have one daughter. The pair have been seen on each other’s shows backstage and the duo also have a bright future ahead of them.

While Alexander has won several titles in the indies, his run in The Hurt Business has been great. Swole, for her part, has regularly featured on AEW fighting Britt Baker and has also won several titles on the indie circuit.

6) Bayley and Aaron Solow

This might be on story that not many would know. Bayley is one of the greatest female WWE stars of all-time but she is engaged to Aaron Solow.

Not much has been said about this relationship but the pair have posted a few pictures together.

Bayley and Aaron Solow
Bayley and Aaron Solow are also engaged (Heavy)

While Solow is still making a name for himself in the wrestling business, he has regularly appeared on AEW Dark.

Bayley, for her part, has been enjoying her time as a heel in WWE and she is engaged to Solow, whom she met back in 2010.

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