Which Rookie Quarterback is Likely to Make the Biggest Impact?


Each NFL season brings with it a sense of overriding optimism; due to the nature of the sport and with attempts for parity, losing teams can often feel justified in believing in a one-season turnaround. 

Nothing brings renewed hope like a superstar rookie, especially those that play the quarterback position. Being the position with the most significant influence on the game, teams are justified in thinking that injecting fresh new talent could galvanize their franchise. However, as Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Throwing such raw talent into NFL can sometimes end in disaster. Nevertheless, here are three rookie quarterbacks that could impact their teams this season.

Mac Jones

Mac Jones walks into what could be the hottest seat a rookie quarterback could sit in this year. He attempts to fill the legendary shoes of Tom Brady after the failed Cam Newton experiment, and he doesn’t really have the excuse of lousy coaching to fall on. 

Presently, NFL betting odds have the over/under for the New England Patriots at +3300. Jones is looking to deliver at least nine wins; many believe he can provide right away. In fact, NFL predictions seem to favor him saving the Patriots and odds have him at +7500 to win the MVP, ahead of established quarterbacks like Ben Roethlisberger and Jimmy Garoppolo. That’s all without catching a snap yet in the league. No pressure, kid!

Trevor Lawrence

It would be impossible to leave the number one overall pick off this list. The Jacksonville Jaguars selected Trevor Lawrence with the hopes he will save their franchise, having never even played in a Super Bowl. The team aren’t even perennial playoff participants; they haven’t made them since 2017, and 2007 before that. 

Step in Trevor Lawrence, who was one of the most highly touted prospects ever to leave college. He went undefeated as a freshman at Clemson in 2019, capturing the national championship and being named Offensive MVP of the game. Lawrence followed that up with accolades such as the two First-Team All-ACC, First-Team All-American, ACC Player of the Year, and ACC Offensive Player of the Year. 

Needless to say, his resume speaks for itself, and it’s more than expected to transfer into the big leagues. He works well in the pocket, has a great arm, and never loses his cool under pressure. If the Jaguars can surround him with some weapons, he should be a safe bet. 

Justin Fields

Justin Fields comes into the season in a more precarious position than the other two players mentioned on this list. He enters the Chicago Bears training camp as the backup quarterback to Andy Dalton, who they signed to a one-year deal last March. The veteran brings a certain level of savviness and professionalism to the organization; however, there is much clamor that Fields can be the better player.

Nevertheless, it seems inevitable that he will start the season as the understudy. Fields could make the position his own as the years go on, and there’s plenty he can learn about the league from Dalton. Fields was the number two quarterback on many people’s pre-draft boards due to his superior arm, size, and accuracy.

However, he was criticized for not maneuvering in the pocket and that he was more of a scheme player throwing predetermined passes. A couple of months of learning how to adjust to NFL defenses and schedule could see him hit the ground running when he does start.

The beginning of the NFL season is always masked with mystery, and it’s part of what makes it so exciting. Having new teams climb to the top of the pile every year adds to the unpredictability, and these rookie quarterbacks are hoping they can plant their flag near the top.