Where to find every Secret Treasure in Tunic


Here is our guide to find every Secret Treasure in Tunic. Find all the Secret Treasures for an exciting surprise!

Tunic is full of unexpected twists and turns, from hard combat to innovative worldbuilding and a wealth of hidden secrets. A disassembled Golden Obelisk, Secret Fairies, and a set of 12 Secret Treasures and much more. As far as we know, these jewels are the ultimate challenge in Tunic.

Follow our guide to find them all, and you’ll be able to solve Tunic’s final major puzzle. Indeed, gathering these 12 treasures is required to access everything the developers planned, including the secret Glyph Tower, which is only accessible after completing this quest.

What are the Secret Treasures in Tunic?

Tunic contains 12 hidden treasures, each of which, as the name says, is a step above the rest. You won’t be able to locate them as easily as you did your sword or wand. On Page 22, there’s a tip that displays a door diagram as well as the secret hallway from the back of the Old House. This indicates that you can enter a room with 12 pedestals by heading south-east through a hidden tunnel in the same room where you got the Shield. A distinct Secret Treasure is hidden in each one.

Directions for obtaining all of the Secret Treasures are hidden on various pages of the Tunic in-game Manual, and are usually indicated with blue pen over the regular drawings. Obtaining Page 45 will also provide you with more detailed instructions, including a diagram of the area and a list of which pages correspond to which of the Secret Treasures.

Tunic Gameplay
Tunic Gameplay

Every Secret Treasure in Tunic

Each Tunic Secret Treasure location is listed here, along with some tips to help you out.

Mr. Mayor

Travel to the first room with an unlocked door, which leads to the East Forest. There is a pattern on the wall in this chamber; use the Dpad to trace the trail from the bottom left to open the door. Walk through to find this treasure.

A Secret Legend

Go to the cathedral after dark and turn west once inside. Pass the ladder and dash into the back of the room’s wall. Cross the bridge in front of you and open the door at the far end once this new path becomes available. The ultimate goal is to find a secret ladder at the Cathedral’s main entrance, of all places. Sleep to progress to daytime and come back to the bridge once you’ve done so. You’ll find the treasure here.

Sacred Geometry

When looking at the patterns on the sails from the Windmill, the single white mark indicates the beginning and the double white mark indicates the end. When the Rope crosses the sails, you change positions from inside to outside. This can be solved with the hint on Page 53. 

Tip: Down – Left – Left – Up – Up – Right – Right – Left – Down – Right – Up – Down


Travel to the Overworld section with the small island beach and pathway. The sandbank path will appear as Golden on the Overworld Map page. When you open Page 1 of the Instruction Manual after standing in water for 60 seconds with the game sound turned off, a new message will show beneath the developer message. It reads, “The softest feather, eleven times corrected, Departed once more.” This can be solved with the hints on Page 51 and Page 1.

Tip: In the Overworld, stand in the place noted on the page and click the following button combo: Down,  Right 11 times, and then Left 12 times.

Just Some Pals

The four Golden Skulls can be found in the Swamp’s southern regions. Find the only gravestone in the area, which has a tiny puddle behind it. Roll your Golden Skulls into the puddle one by one until the Secret Treasure appears. This can be solved with the hint on Page 39.

Regal Weasel

Visit the East Garden section to find the Golden Obelisk. Head south until the trail bends northwest, and you’ll come upon an enemy that can’t be defeated with ordinary weapons. To create a ranged ice attack, use the Magic Blade and Fire Rod at the same time to freeze the enemy. Then Grapple towards it with the Magic Jar to open the chest. This can be solved with the hint on Page 53.

Regal Weasel tunic secret treasure hint
Use the Magic Blade and the Fire Rod at the same time

Spring Falls

To collect this Secret Treasure, you must first locate all 20 Fairy Chests and then return to the secret room below the waterfall.

Power Up

The sounds played by the wind chime outside of the Old House are translated on page 34 of the Game Manual. The notes will always come in pairs. They’ll rise and fall at the same moment or in the same pitch. You can then translate those distinct tones to directional inputs using the key on Page 34.

Tip: Up – Down – Right – Up – Down – Left – Up – Down – Left – Right – Down – Left – Right – Up

Back to Work

You’ll need Page 11 of the Game Manual. Travel to the location shown in the picture, this is the beginning of the game. Then use the circles and dots on the box that says “Prize/Treasure” to make this treasure chest appear.

Tip: Right – Down – Left – Up – Left – Left – Down- Right – Right – Down – Down


Travel roughly southwest from the warp point in the Ruined Atoll until you reach an island that requires a Teleportat Dash. Defeat the rock-like enemy that stands in your way. In front of him is a chest with this treasure.


Return to the Hero’s Grave in the Forest Fortress after gaining the ability to teleport dash. You should come to a rocky path leading north that leads to a room with multiple leaf piles. Once you’ve destroyed them all, your treasure will appear.

Forever Friend

Can be found by opening the chest and following the hidden shortcut in the Teleport room. Using the golden floor plates, travel to the teleport hub. Teleport Dash between the teleporter near where you first wake up on the beach and the teleport locations north of it, but teleport to the left halfway down that path. It should be clearer with the dotted line on Page 41 of the Instruction Manual.

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