Where is the Jaegar Family Basement in Fortnite 

Fortnite Jaegar Family Basement

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If you are in search of the Fortnite Jaegar Family Basement then stop right here. This guide has everything you are looking for.

It is now official that Eren Jaeger and the Attack on Titan crossover event with Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 is underway. As of the release of version 24.20 for Fortnite, owners of battle passes can begin working through a series of tasks to earn Eren Jaeger and other Attack on Titan cosmetics. 

In order to complete one of the quests, you will need to investigate the Jaeger family basement in the Anvil Square area. Despite the fact that the in-game quest does not highlight its location on the map for you, this quest is not very difficult to complete as long as you know where to search. This guide will tell you about the location of the Jaeger family basement, so read it till the end.

Anvil Square
Anvil Square

Eren’s Hunt for the Basement

Almost from the very beginning of the anime, Eren was on the hunt for the basement that belonged to his family, even though he didn’t always realize what he was doing. Within it, gamers will discover riches strewn about among various pieces of scientific equipment. As soon as you’ve located the Fortnite Jaegar family basement, make it a point to examine the rest of the POI for the unique AoT chests that you’ll need to do the remaining missions.

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Fortnite Jaegar Family Basement Location

At the southeast corner of Anvil Square, underneath the house that is located there, you will find the Fortnite Jaegar family basement that belongs to the Jaeger family. It is necessary for players to approach it from the south side and then proceed down the steps. At the bottom of the stairs, there is a door that leads into a room that contains a set of laboratory equipment that must have belonged to Eren’s father in the past. This represents one of the additions to the map that is taken from AoT.

Because completing these quests is necessary to unlock Eren Jaeger’s set, players should anticipate encountering a large number of other players there in the following weeks. Eren Jaeger is a fan-favorite anime character. This particular quest unlocks the key from the anime that was given to Eren by his father as a back bling and contributes toward unlocking the Jaeger skin. In the anime, Eren’s father gave him the key as a back bling.

The Jaeger family has made their home in the basement of the building that is in the southeast corner of Anvil Square. In this part of the area, there is a building that has an overhanging roof on the side that faces you, and there are stairs that lead down to a door on the lower level of the building. Go down the stairs, and open the door when you reach the bottom. 

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You can find a chest


On the inside is the Fortnite Jaeger family basement, which is very similar to the anime throughout. The quest will be considered complete as soon as you step foot inside the building. In most cases, there will be one regular chest and one Scout Regiment Footlocker present. It will typically include ODM Gear from Attack on Titan. 

You only need to enter the building in order to complete this quest; nonetheless, it is possible that it will be a popular place to drop over the next week or two as people go through the Eren Jaeger sidequests.

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