When a Popular Singer Pleaded for Francis Ngannou to Marry a Cameroonian


When a Popular Singer Pleaded for Francis Ngannou to Marry a Cameroonian

In a nostalgic moment, we look back at when former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou was in the limelight and received an unusual yet heartfelt message from a well-known Cameroonian singer.

Francis Ngannou PFL
Francis Ngannou PFL

Francis Ngannou, who had recently parted ways with the UFC in January of that year after being stripped of his heavyweight title, had captured the attention of the combat sports world when he signed with the rival MMA organization, PFL. Amidst the changes in his career, Mani Bella, a popular Cameroonian Bikutsi singer, took to her official Facebook account to convey a heartfelt message to ‘The Predator.’

As reported by Cameroonian news outlet mimimefoinfos.com, Bella’s post was originally written in French and aimed to convey a request on behalf of Cameroonian women. She hoped that Ngannou would consider marrying a Cameroonian woman. Although the message was light-hearted, it held a strong sense of patriotism and affection.

In her post, Bella expressed the sentiment, “If you have specific criteria, tell us, and everyone will work for it! We’ll educate, we’ll mentor, and we’ll show you your clean-cut taste. Do not take flight elsewhere, Consume Cameroonian please!”

Furthermore, she firmly encouraged Ngannou to choose a woman from their homeland, stating, “We refuse to lose you… Don’t go anywhere else, please marry a woman from the homeland, please…”

Singer’s Plea to Francis NgannouCameroonian singer Mani Bella’s heartfelt message urging Francis Ngannou to marry a Cameroonian.
Ngannou’s Career TransitionFrancis Ngannou’s move from the UFC to PFL and the attention it garnered.
Singer’s Message ContentDetails of Mani Bella’s message expressing the hope for Ngannou to marry a Cameroonian woman.
Tyson Fury’s Training for FightTyson Fury preparing for a fight against Francis Ngannou, with Mike Tyson assisting in training.
Upcoming Fight and Belt StatusInformation about the upcoming fight between Fury and Ngannou, with Fury’s WBC belt not on the line.
Fury’s Future Opponent and ScheduleMention of Fury’s deal to face Oleksandr Usyk and the possible schedule for the fight.
Mike Tyson’s Involvement in TrainingMike Tyson’s role in training and advising Francis Ngannou, particularly concerning Ngannou’s right hand.
Mike Tyson’s Return ConsiderationMike Tyson’s dismissal of a ring return and his praise for Ngannou’s abilities.
Overall UFC NewsBriefly mentioned other UFC news and events.

In a humorous touch, she predicted that Ngannou’s future wife might invite global sensation Rihanna to perform at their wedding. Light-heartedly, Bella made it clear that Ngannou’s future wife should consider inviting her instead of Rihanna, playfully noting, “You, the future wife of Francis, hope you are seeing how I am fighting for you. When your wedding day comes, you will go and invite Rihanna!”

This charming message from a Cameroonian artist to Francis Ngannou highlighted the deep admiration and national pride that many held for the former UFC heavyweight champion. As we look back at this moment, we remember the unique and heartwarming messages that fans and admirers have conveyed to their favorite athletes.

Tyson Fury Warned to Be ‘Very Careful’ of Mike Tyson Effect on Francis Ngannou

Tyson Fury has been told Mike Tyson is doing a great job of sharpening Francis Ngannou’s skills ahead of their crossover fight.

Heavyweight champion Fury is in the final stages of preparing for his fight against Ngannou, which takes place next weekend in Saudi Arabia. Fury’s WBC belt won’t be on the line in the fight because Ngannou, a former UFC heavyweight champion, is making his boxing debut on the night and is therefore not ranked by the organisation.

‘Iron Mike’ is training Ngannou for the fight alongside his MMA coaches Eric Nicksick and Dewey Cooper. Fury’s promoter Bob Arum tweeted about the boxing legend’s coaching role: “Mike Tyson is doing a great job training and advising Francis Ngannou. I’ve cautioned Tyson Fury to be very careful, particularly of Ngannou’s incredible right hand.”

Fury has already signed a deal to face fellow heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk in an undisputed title clash that could take place as soon as December 23. ‘The Gypsy King’ will first have to get past Ngannou before thinking about his pencilled-in fight with Usyk, which is more likely to take place in the first quarter of next year.

Tyson was recently called out for a fight by Fury’s dad John but the boxing legend has ruled out any chance of a ring return. ‘Iron Mike’ admitted that Ngannou will have to knock Fury out cold to win their fight as he praised the resilience of the heavyweight champion who was named after him.

“I am helping Ngannou. I am learning what he is able to do. He’s able to do so much more than I anticipated. He has what it takes to knockout anything or anybody standing in his way. Once he lands a punch on Tyson Fury’s jaw he is going to knock him out too. Nobody can survive that.’ He’s making some money for his family,” Tyson told Mail Online.

“Let me do what I need to do and then when it’s time to box I will box. Boxing people need to keep out of my personal business. Fury’s not the all-time great but he’s one of the all-time greats. He’s really high up. He can do greatness right now. He’s always going to bring a good night of boxing, fight hard. You’ve got to try and hit him with a shot to knock him cold out because he always gets back up and fights hard.”

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