When and how did ‘Liked by Pierre Gasly’ originate?


‘Liked by Pierry Gasly’ is a popular meme trend which has been viral on the internet for quite some time now

‘Liked by Pierre Gasly’ is a catchphrase about the French Formula One driver Pierre Gasly who mass-likes tweets, Instagram posts and TikToks, making it appear that he’s critically online or a bot. The term became prominent in memes after a video of Gasly surfaced in 2022, showing him on four phones at once liking every TikTok he scrolled by. He’s been mass-liking content and comments as early as 2016.

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When and how did 'Liked by Pierre Gasly' originate? 2

How did the meme ‘Liked by Pierre Gasly’ originate?

On July, 2016, Twitter user PetaPan17 tweeted, “Oh, Pierre Gasly liked my tweet. Let me be a fan of him now” earning one like in six years This is the first known piece of evidence to suggest the later ‘Liked by Pierre Gasly’ cliché.

Since then, Gasly has been a meme in the Formula One community for years because of how much time he spends liking posts on social media.

Is it actually Pierre Gasly himself who mass-likes content on the internet?

Fans have always wondered it is Gasly himself who mass-likes stuff or does he have a dedicated social media team!? Well, the Alpha Tauri driver has confirmed that ‘it is him’.

“It is me, it is me and I have two phones actually, so I’m just going swiping on both phones. It is me all the way. I don’t know, I just have quite a heavy thumb so I just like quite a bit”, revealed the driver during an interaction with his F1 team.

About 1000 posts on Instagram,” he laughed, when asked about the best thing he’s liked on social media in the past week.

“I just love people’s imagination and memes – the stuff you see out on the internet these days is hilarious. I also do like some real content, you know, like it’s not all about jokes. I just love travel and anything out there, I just like”, Gasly further added.

The love is certainly reciprocated by F1 fans and Pierre Gasly has become a fan favourite in a short span of time!

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