What next for Conor McGregor following painful loss in Las Vegas?


It was billed as the fight that would make or break Conor McGregor’s comeback and future in the UFC. Unfortunately for followers of Notorious, break was the word that summed up the Irishman’s defeat to rival Dustin Poirier in Las Vegas on July 10 before a shocked UFC 264 crowd. McGregor lost the trilogy fight against the American following a horror leg break.

With his future in the sport now hanging by a thread, MMA enthusiasts are now asking what the next chapter will be in the captivating McGregor story. Will he return to the octagon in an attempt to roll back the years and relive the glory days, or will he take his millions and fame and sail off into the sunset. Leaving quietly by the side door isn’t Conor’s style, but anything is possible following this latest setback.

The leading sportsbooks offering . Will it be in MMA or perhaps a return to the boxing ring. Is he retired from the fight game? There are many possible outcomes, which is why bettors are showing a genuine interest in this market. Let’s look at some of the possibilities.

Conor Mcgregor broken ankle
This was the moment Conor McGregor broke his ankle at UFC 264 (UFC)

UFC comeback

Many respected MMA pundits reacted to McGregor’s loss by suggesting he is finished as a top UFC fighter and, probably, as an MMA competitor. His recent form and long gaps between fights have hampered his progress, but the horror leg break will also need time to heal. That could take several months, and if McGregor does eventually return to the octagon, it could be a year down the line, at least.

That’s another 12 months of inactivity and another 12 months of slipping down the UFC rankings. The Irishman has already lost his pound-for-pound ranking. Conor’s form shows he has lost three of his last form and has been stopped in each of his last two. He has beaten just one opponent in almost five years.

Return to the ring

A return to the boxing ring is a possibility, and the early rumours are McGregor could provide the next opponent for Jake Paul. The star of YouTube and rising name in boxing is improving with every fight and has already taken the scalps of respected MMA fighters. The biggest name of all at this stage of his career would be beating McGregor in the boxing ring.

The war of words has already begun with Jake telling fans Conor’s loss to Poirier was nothing short of what he deserved. Kicking a man when he’s down is likely to get the intended response from McGregor, and having already faced Floyd Mayweather as a professional, he’ll fancy his chances against Paul.

As with any MMA comeback, a boxing match of any description won’t come anytime soon due to McGregor’s injury. If his leg heals strong, training for a boxing bout will put less pressure on the break, and that may appeal to Team McGregor. One thing is for sure, McGregor v Paul would make both men a lot of money and sell PPV around the world.

Conor McGregor stress fracture
McGregor will be out of action for months


Could WWE wrestling help bridge the gap between fighting and retirement for McGregor. Many of the top names from combat sports have made guest appearances in WWE over the years, including Floyd Mayweather, Tyson Fury and UFC sensation Ronda Rousey. McGregor may be next, and he’s certainly a big enough name to waltz into that arena and demand respect. There would be plenty of hype around Notorious if he were to finish his career in WWE.

Unlike the famous boxers mentioned, McGregor would be suited to the demands of competing regularly in WWE due to his wrestling and MMA background. It seems a sport he could take to quite easily, and the staged nature of fights means it wouldn’t put too much stress on his injured leg after it has had time to heal.

Could we see McGregor in the Royal Rumble or adding the WWE championship belt to his UFC championship belts? Why not? It wouldn’t be the biggest surprise in sport, would make sense for McGregor and would help keep the cash rolling in before he retires.