The NBA career of LeBron James is stunning. However, given that the Los Angeles Lakers player will shortly turn 38, supporters must embrace the reality that we won’t get to see his excellence for very long.

Even while LeBron James takes excellent care of his body, he can only do so much to delay the inevitable. LeBron will, however, have a resume that is even more impressive than it is now when he retires.

James might perhaps win a few more rings before calling it a career. However, there is no evidence to support it. Another record that James is currently edging closer to breaking will almost certainly be accomplished in the future season given the manner he performed last year.

We’re not only talking about breaking Kareem Abdul-record Jabbar’s for most points ever scored in an NBA game. Kareem is presently in the first place and has 38,387 points to his credit.

LeBron James, who has 37,062 points to his name, is just behind him. James is about to begin his 20th season in the NBA. In the past, if an NBA player played this long, their career was already over.

However, James has shown that he still has a lot of gas in his tank during the 2021–22 NBA season. LeBron merely has to score 16.2 points per game on average during the 2022–23 NBA season to surpass Kareem on the all-time scoring list.

LeBron can break Kareem’s record next season if he averages just 16.2 points per game, as stated in the tweet.

However, there is a catch: according to this computation, LBJ must play the full 82-game season. If he does not play in all 82 games, his PPG average will rise. Despite this, it is quite probable that he will beat Kareem’s record and add another gem to his crown next season.

NBA’s all-time leading scorers

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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38,387 points in 20 seasons

24.1 points per game (16th all-time)

14,211 points in six seasons with Milwaukee Bucks

24,176 points in 14 seasons with Los Angeles Lakers

 2. LeBron James

aYqSaxx3l5iPHyc5fl4uCnfdOk1tUbFkalcjWW KjBKpWGvwWwfeZVoO565k N8yCiMiOrkEV5f12vyP8dEqQtTfOjvs8JH AJazvGmDYzoMZyNwHeYbyZyVtio YkEn87Vfjw eGlqCDlj3u26GRiE

37,062 points in 19 seasons

27.1 points per game (5th all-time)

23,119 points in 11 seasons with Cleveland Cavaliers

7,919 points in four seasons with Miami Heat

6,024 points in four seasons with Los Angeles Lakers

3. Karl Malone

N53tKFlJLZvGPRqBNs2W9Y4ulM cRwNaDAnZmlViVEOxD6dkbXaWH Y tTDC9E ccvdI2uoy4SkzwWW12LjrUjT9GC97Lz9zybz8YgOdZ15isFeXjBKGmrtL6LMZLkE8jm42 Wa3aE6uqlygQL5Rifc

36,928 points in 19 seasons

25.0 points per game (11th all-time)

36,374 points in 18 seasons with Utah Jazz

554 points in one season with Los Angeles Lakers

4. Kobe Bryant

DuTNoMICVZdGRassMel4B1fa iUR0zS RVkiLGYIFo9rlhlzcfjQ80hyL99yUyeDIZebI1Hw78gIpZZ CkFE4AzxtSARlekeF 7ePEMCy1DfEluVxjUeKs4tWBQT

33,643 points in 20 seasons

25.0 points per game (12th all-time)

33,643 points in 20 seasons with Los Angeles Lakers

5. Michael Jordan

ItDR VJkX lRvgL0GB5J4XhiyqRXgtqfLtu8w

32,292 points in 15 seasons

30.1 points per game (1st all-time)

29,277 points in 13 seasons with Chicago Bulls

3,015 points in 2 seasons with Washington Wizards

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